Finishing the Race

Pre-[event] jitters.

I didn’t experience this before the wedding. I didn’t ever feel jittery before the first day of school or a new program. Excited? Yes. Jittery with nerves and adrenaline?

Barring a few traumatic moments in my life, the last time I felt what I’m feeling now was in the pool.

Surprising to some, I was a competitive swimmer in high school. I was even the captain my senior year, which looking back is like “how?” My strongest stroke was the freestyle but I got lumped into doing the individual medley and 100M butterfly because I was the only girl on the team who knew (and cared to know) how to do it by regulation standards.

Hey, it was a Buffalo Public School. Practices lasted an hour after school and we weren’t expected to keep any kind of regiment on our own. I think I utilized the weight room for swimming purposes three times in my three years on swim team. At Lafayette, it was a resume builder and a great way to do something other than go home and do homework (which I ended up doing anyway when I got home even later — overachiever since way back when…)

But it was fun and when I did practice, I practiced hard. Did I think I’d ever be an Amanda Beard or even a D3 collegiate swimmer? No. I had fun and I filled my time.

But have I ever mentioned to you that I’m super competitive? I’ve eased up on it since I was 15-16-17 years old but I was SUPER competitive at things I knew I wasn’t even that good at.

My parents used to tell me that being competitive like that was a waste of energy because “there is always going to be someone who is better than you at what you’re doing.” Well that might be true but it’s not going to be true about the person who I’m swimming next to. So there. Sass.

In BPS, we had these All-High meets wherein all the schools got together at ECC City where we’d compete amongst every other school at the same time. And it was nerve-wracking because it was the capstone of the swim season and I would invite my mother who was there every year. Friends from other schools and at least a hundred of the other competitors parents and so were there.

And I remember seeing my name on the list for the 100M butterfly. And my heart sank. I’m basically a spaztastic impostor of a butterfly swimmer and they want me to go up in front of City Honors, DaVinci, and Hutch Tech as their butterfly swimmer?

via {Google Search}

via {Google Search}


You’re probably wondering “And I’m telling you this story why?”

Last night, the last three presenters from my cohort presented their plans and defended their campaigns to the panel. The capstone of our graduate program. The last three presenters before it’s my turn, that is.

When I looked at my phone last night and it was 9:45, I knew that their defenses were done. And it was my turn. I’m on deck. And as unfortunate as it is, my mind automatically blanks and I’m suffering from impostor syndrome. They want me to defend what? How? Yeah I know the material… but do I know the material?

And as weird as it may sound… for a brief second I swore I smelled chlorine. And I started shaking my hands and bouncing side to side like I used to do at the starting mount. Time to psych myself out. I’m not an impostor. I’ve put in the work, I know what I know, and it’s time to own it.

Hopefully this works as well as it did then because all I remember from then is hearing the starting pistol, jumping in the pool, and I’d focus on my strokes. Going as fast as I can because I’m never more prepared than I am in this moment.

And at the end, I’d come out glaringly average. Not the best in the pool but not the worst.

But my parents always said that they were proud. And without fail, each time, said “at least you finished the race, Sam.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant then. In fact, it kind of made me feel a little mad when they said that. That’s it? But since its been almost 7 years since my last time in the pool (for competition) I think I know what they mean.

Tomorrow, when I go into my presentation, I have to believe in myself. I have to do what I’ve been working on for months. I know this.

And at the end, if I’m not the top student — at least I finished the race. I still have my master’s degree. And 7 years from now, it’s likely no one will care who the top student was (less our program stats/records and the person who was top).

It makes sense. I couldn’t tell you who won the butterfly race. Or who lost it the worst. Or even what place I came in. I finished my race.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing my high school swim meet to my graduate degree here. And I am taking my program a bit more seriously than an hours practice per day. But it’s a lesson I’m carrying over in dealing with nerves. I’m 24. I’m being critiqued by a panel of seasoned experts in the field. And I’m trying to convince them of a plan that utilizes all the elements of marketing communication that they could pick apart in seconds if it’s wrong.

Time to psych out. Shake my hands and bounce side to side, if need be.

I’m never more prepared than I am in this moment.

Time to go practice a little more so I’m more prepared in that moment than I am now.

Time to finish my race.



What I learned in105 degree heat

Last night, I went to my first hot yoga class at Evolation Yoga here in Buffalo. It was a 90 minute yoga class taught in 105 degree heat. Snap, it was rough! I have never sweat so much in my entire life. By the end, I couldn’t really hold a pose like I’d like because… well, everything was slippery! Gross, I know… but it was a HUNDRED AND FIVE DEGREES. I immediately went home and went vegetable in front of my a/c (after showering because did I mention that it was the sweatiest I’ve ever been?).

I am not afraid to take chances or push myself. I’ve never taken yoga classes beyond the BAC or practiced yoga outside of my iPad app at home. I stretched my poor hamstrings and pushed my hips out as far as I could, and held them as long as I could. I failed in comparison to the seasoned yogis in the room – but they’ve got 3-infinite more years on me.

I am getting better at channeling my competitive spirit and internalizing it. In high school, I was super competitive in everything ranging from academics to athletics. If I got a 99% on my report card, but my adversary classmate got a 98%, I’d berate my teacher as to why the extra point from perfect was taken from me. Thankfully, some years later and some life-changing events later, even though I can still be competitive with some things (sorry, Mark!), I’m getting better at just challenging myself. Which, won’t this work out to my benefit later? I’m pushing myself at weight lifting, challenging my time in a 10K (hopefully a half-marathon someday), and now — purposely working out in higher heat (and I HATE heat).

I can channel my “do it because it needs to be done attitude” beyond school. Honestly, my mother always said that to me about things that I didn’t want to do but needed to do. And I applied it to extra curricular activities, leadership programs, and tutoring sessions, but it never seemed to translate into the physical. This was a 90 minute class. I’ve only done 45 minute classes before (in regular room-temperature classes), or 30 minutes at home. The last 20 minutes of class, I almost curled up into a ball in the corner to just watch everyone else do their thing. But damnit, I paid $12 for this single class (student rate) and I was going to get my $12 worth and stop being a wuss about 20 minutes. I had already done 70 minutes, the final 20 is just something that needed to be done. So it was done.

Going along with channeling by “needs to be done” attitude, I don’t “do the newbie dramatics.” This was said to me at the end of class after asking me how I liked the class. Apparently, a lot of 90 Hot Yoga newbies grunt and do other “dramatic” noises during a yoga class. I appreciate not being “that guy.”

Despite not acting like a newbie, I definitely was. I think I really like yoga practice and I like how I feel afterwards even more. I’m thinking that once or twice a week would be a good place to start. I’ll need the practice in meditating especially as I come closer to IMC campaign defense time!

Plugging Along and Brussels Sprouts

There you have it. I changed my blog – again! But that’s what I do. It’s like my house, I rearrange everything every couple of months because I like novelty. And being sick of the same old, same old. It kind of goes against all of my training in integrated marketing, you know – keeping a consistent message, but we’re allowed to be our own contradictions. Right?

Right?! (At least I recognize I’m being a contradiction! That’s a step.)

Anyway, here is a brief (word-vomit-about-my-life) update.

I’ve been taking this Creative Message Strategy course in my master’s program. It’s basically advertising for the integrated marketer – and it’s amazing. Most Bonnies (at least IMC Bonnies) seem to know who MJK is, and I love being in his class. All of our other teachers, though wonderful and amazing, they have to teach us about strategy and the mechanics of certain things – it’s their job! – but in this advertising class, I feel like we’re releasing SO many creative juices (with some strategy thrown in there, don’t get it twisted) that it’s just plain fun. Several of us have agreed that even when we’re being ripped apart by MJK, we’re loving his class.

I’ve also been taking this Organizational Behavior class at the same time. It’s online, so a lot of it is reading and writing, which is great. I’m learning about methods in management and leadership, along with how to create effective teams and managing a diverse employee landscape. More to come on this when I have time to go in depth on it.

I’ve been busy because did I mention I was taking these two five-week intensive graduate level courses at the same time? Yeah, my cohort thinks I’m bonkers, too.

We’ve made another stride in the longest wedding journey ever. We’re pretty much set for a late August engagement shoot with our photographers! They’ve been posting other people’s engagement photos on Facebook for a couple of weeks and now I’m getting antsy for ours! I want to have them in time for October 4th, when the one year countdown begins! Every now and then when I think of it that way, my first thought is “Holy shit, I’m getting married. Me. Me? Me.” Then it’s all followed by being thankful for having this wonderful hunk of man in my life. He who rubs my back every single time I ask for it (because he knows I won’t stop until he does it), who makes life easy when I’m physically down and out, and is pretty much the completion of my marketing communications self with all of his snazzy graphic know-how.

I’m 100% glad I declined going to China. Yes – I’m missing out on something special but I’m sure I’ll get there someday. However, in this moment, in this time and space, I am SO glad that I’ll have a month of doing grad work on my time and using spare time to cook, clean, work out, be a human being.

We’re getting serious about losing weight. Like we’ve made strides. I’ve already lost a few pounds, which is probably just water weight, but that’s the first step. No? Well I’m saying it is. I have engagement photos I’d like to not look like a heifer in, and a wedding. Essentially, I’d like to be in the best shape of my life by 25, in 2014. I was always slightly overweight in high school despite being incredibly active in sports and such, so I don’t think this is a too-much-to-ask-for goal.

So there it is. I’ve been trying to focus on grad school, health, fitness, and wedding stuff. I keep saying I try to keep wedding stuff on the back burner until I’ve graduated… do you know how incredibly hard that is?! Clearly, it’s hard.

And as an ode to one of my favorite bloggers (and fitness/health/healthy eating/feminist/wedding inspirations – Rachel at The House Always Wins), I’d like to end this blog with a recipe that will hopefully help me in this weight-loss journey because this shit is delicious and filling and I’m making them again tonight.

I call it: Brussels so easy, a Sam can do it:

Brussels and some asparagus. It was a feast.

Brussels and some asparagus. It was a feast.

– As many brussels sprouts as you want in a serving. I made half a bag from Wegmans because I was excited to love these and to have more for lunch today (which I did and they were amazing).

– Extra virgin olive oil

– Salt (Sea Salt preferred but I used regular because I haven’t stocked up on that yet)

– Cracked Black Pepper

– Crushed Red Pepper flakes for a heat kick!

– Half a lemon

It burns so good.

It burns so good.

Halve the brussels, pour some of that EVOO (yes – I love Rachel Ray, too) over the Brussels and make sure to rub all of the oil over their surfaces. Sprinkle with salt, black pepper, and the red pepper flakes to taste. I did half with a righteous kick, the other without so much. Pop in the oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. When they’re done, some of the skin should have a nice roasted look to them. Squeeze lemon juice on top to your taste. Voila! Amazeballs.

This is such a simple recipe I can’t believe it took me forever to get it right – with a thanks to Rachel above! I’m thinking of sprinkling a little parmesan on them tonight to mix it up.

If I not-so-secretly want to be a food blogger, I should probably bust out the DSLR so you're not subjected to these iPhone photos of food. Bon apetite!

If I not-so-secretly want to be a food blogger, I should probably bust out the DSLR so you’re not subjected to these iPhone photos of food. Bon apetite!

Take a hike…!

Tonight, we went for a walk.

The last few weeks have been rough in the physical activity department. Between family woe and beyond crazy busy with school, I haven’t been able to squeeze in exercise, let alone walks with Mark.

Today, I forced myself from my desk to take a brisk 30 minute walk. We stopped at Spot and then walked around the Elmwood Village. We conversed, we expressed concerns of late, we pointed at homes we wish to own some day. My legs were used for longer than a five-minute walk from my car to the 38th floor of HSBC Center. I spent longer than 15 minutes not staring at a computer screen. I took breaths of fresh air. I reconnected with my best friend.

After coming home and finishing my coffee (hello caffeine high!), I was more refreshed and got A LOT done. I’m still working and nowhere near “done” but holy shit I feel better.

I can already tell that my first workout post-semester is going to be rough to say the least. But knowing myself, I’ll be out there and doing my best. I’ve got that Color Me Rad 5K in June to look forward to – so the motivation is there. Thankfully, in a few weeks, the time will be there as well.

Here’s to taking healthy breaks!

Light at the end of the tunnel…

It kind of took me aback that today is March 18th.

Seriously, how is it two weeks until April? I feel like I was just in Spain, celebrating New Years Eve, drinking too much cava and freezing my ass off in a Madrid public square.

I counted the months until graduation in mid-December, and I have 8 left until it happens. Seriously, it will be the most bittersweet moment to date when I’m recognized for completing my program at St. Bonaventure.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already envisioned our small reception-style recognition (I can’t really call it a graduation ceremony, can I?) and thought of how incredibly hard it will be to hold back tears. Education has always been one of my mother’s highest wishes for us girls, and here I am, completing my master’s degree. Completing something at 24 years old, that same something my father wanted so badly at the ripe age of 48 but just couldn’t fit it into his lifestyle.

After I graduate, I’ll have considered my duties as a grateful daughter almost completed. That sounds weird, I know, but I mean it. I still have the more vague things that I can complete, as in, paying it forward, being a leader, and being a strong, Native woman. But those things weren’t as succinct and finite like “get your bachelor’s degree, get your master’s degree…”

And in 8 months, that specific list is done.

And it’s incredibly bittersweet.

After this next 8 months, it’s up to me to figure out ways to continue fulfilling my “duties” as a grateful daughter and remembering/honoring their spirits. And I’m sure I’ll find a way. They continue to be my motivation to do great things.

To M&P, keep me strong these next 8 months. I’m going to need all the will, self-determination, and focus to get through the demands of my life.

The Fitness Diaries: Setbacks happen.

'Nuff said

‘Nuff said

I got two weeks with trying to be mindful of eating healthy and working out. Then I go three weeks of being mindful that I need to get enough sleep to function properly. I need to hop off this yo-yo. And quick.

I’ve been so bogged down recently because I have this huge conference that we’ve been gearing up for at work (and that I’ll be in Vegas for four days next week for), a ton of reading for grad school, and trying to keep up (minimal) appearances with friends. Not to mention trying to make time with Mark, without a book/e-book in my lap.

This master in the art of time management is kind of getting a little worn down. But I do my best to wake up, go to work, and have a smile on my face by the time it’s time to pass out, face down, onto my pillow.

That said, the fitness/weight loss journey I’ve been TRYING to maintain has its ups and downs. Ups in that I’ve gained two pounds, downs in that my energy levels are straggling. This morning, I hit snooze SIX times before getting up. Who the hell does that? I still got to work on time, but my makeup-less face and cups of coffee surrounding me are the consequence.

I need to start working up to a better workout schedule, and to STOP giving in to the pleasures of instant gratification when it comes time for dinner. Seriously, if something isn’t in the crock pot when I get home, I have NO desire to put my hand on a single thing in the fridge. This can’t be the case anymore.

My LoseIt app shows that my caloric intake in the morning and afternoon is normal and healthy. But dinner is always a much larger affair than it should be. HELP!

Nevertheless, I’m trying to remain positive and remember that this isn’t an impossible goal. I want to lose, at minimum, 25 pounds this year. Twelve months to lose 25 pounds isn’t asking for a whole lot from myself. Especially when it would be a huge boost to my health and my energy, two things I like to think I take seriously.

So I’m going to start using my Pocket Yoga app a lot more (I paid $1.99 for it – time to get my money’s worth and then some) and my exercise bike at home (for which I paid a lot more than $1.99 – so I must get my money’s worth for that). And if I have to, I should probably start taking my reading to the gym, I can read after my intense workout and during my cool downs and lighter intensity cardio workout.

With the exception of dinner, I eat relatively healthy, it’s just a matter of getting serious, stop giving into being so damn lazy, and remember that I’m not punishing myself, I’m only trying to help myself. Which is really hard to remember after an 8-hour workday and a pile of reading/papers looming overhead.

I’ve been searching for other bloggers who go through this, or have gone through, and to no avail. If you have any favorite workaholic/health bloggers, please forward me to them. I need some advice and a little bit of inspiration!

What have you done to make health and exercise a priority without dropping the ball at work and/or at school?

The Fitness Diaries: In which I take a step back…

[Cue major womp womp’s here]

So that whole turning my fitness routine into a diehard schedule in 21 days?

It’s like I was affected by a temporary amnesia because as soon as my grad school schedule took heed, it was exhausting!! Double-exclamation points don’t do it justice.

Really, when I get home from work, the first thing I do is make dinner. Take some time to decompress from the day. Then get right into the books until it’s about time to clean up and go to bed. And I do it like this because I’m not really someone who can go days just functioning on little-to-no-sleep when I have some serious brain-exercising to do.

Well… so it’s time to reassess how this is going to work. Because here’s the thing, I really want to drop a LOT of weight before the wedding. Not even just because I want that glowing look and to fit in a beautifully tailored gown (but I do), but because I want to get rid of this excess weight that’s been hanging around since I took on all that stress following Mom’s death.

I’m not talking becoming svelte and gallivanting around in a teeny bikini (I never have), but I’m talking about becoming a healthier me. A me that can run a 10K easy and feel comfortable in clothes. I want to be happy with myself, because right now, I’m not. It’s like this excess weight is a vestige of a really difficult time in my life and it’s time to resolve that issue.

Especially as I move into this next phase of my life.

So we’ve made some moves. We finally got an exercise bike for the house. Our old treadmill was too loud, too clunky, and not really wide enough for running… and who wants to walk in their own house? The bike is quiet and it’s small but not uncomfortably small, so it’s perfect and will hide in the corner. And best part? I can easily read for school sitting on that bike. Two birds, one stone.

I’ve also downloaded some necessary workout apps on my iPad. One of my favorite was the Pocket Yoga app! It’s a gem and I can’t wait to really feel the effects. I used to do yoga 2-3 times a week and felt amazing. Can. Not. Wait.

Small steps for now. And a lot of wishful thinking that these next classes won’t be as vigorous as the last four. However, this is grad school, and I should have known.

Here’s to shedding for the wedding!! (and the rest of my life, obviously.)

The Fitness Diaries: In which I will try this again…

Ok, so this is harder than I thought it would be. I think I need to start training that mental will before I even think of picking up a squat bar.

I need to start over on making that 21-day-a-habit thing, because the last attempt ended at Day 1.

I woke up with crazy harsh coughs on Thursday morning and the congestion was just too much to bear. So I stayed home, in bed, coughing stuff up until it was time to get ready for work. I’m so attractive.

Then we went out for dinner last night. Ugh. I got my reality check about one of my (formerly) favorite chain restaurants, Applebee’s. My mom used to love this place and we went there a lot because she wasn’t really one to cook and going out was easier than spending time cooking… sound familiar? Old habits die hard, I guess.

After I ordered the appetizer sampler, Mark, who’s been a lot more food conscious than I (sometimes) decided to swipe my iPhone and check to see the calorie content in the choices he was deliberating on.

His eyes got BIG.

He swore he wouldn’t tell me how much they were and just allow me to enjoy the Fish & Chips I got. But as soon as the waitress walked away, he told me what was in the choices.

My eyes got BIG.

Turns out, the best choices really are those Under 550 Weight Watchers choices (but still not great). And I checked what the Fish and Chips meal was. THANK GOODNESS I only ate half. Again, still not great, but let’s just say if I had eaten the whole thing, that and a snack would have been all I needed in a day.

And I had gotten the sampler because I always loved that stuff. I used to get it with my parents and sisters all the time. Guess I allowed nostalgia to take over common sense. Stupid chain restaurants!

I, of course, waited until after to tally everything up. It just doesn't seem worth it when you add the numbers together.

I, of course, waited until after to tally everything up. It just doesn’t seem worth it when you add the numbers together.

Anyway, I’m not completely obtuse. I understand that these kinds of restaurants really pack on the sauces, creams, grease to make it really fattening and calorie-laden. And I know I really only go to Applebee’s once a year, maybe twice, a year so it’s not all bad. But I’m really trying to lose weight and I allowed my laziness (and a $10 gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket) to get the best of my judgement.

After dinner and realizing I hadn’t been to the gym in two days, in what’s supposed to be my steadfast attempt at weight loss, I felt gross after dinner. And I think the chemical shit storm that comes out of these places took me over because I wound up “napping” at 8pm, from which I woke up at 11:30 to replant myself into bed.

Applebees, sorry, you lost a customer. I can’t do that to myself anymore.

So I went ahead, made some better choices today and reminded myself that it’s not like I’ll never lose weight just because of that horrible meal. If anything, it was a (re) learning experience that I needed.

Now to face the next big challenge in my weight loss/breaking bad habits adventure:

Should I throw out the leftover appetizers (because whoa calories) or keep them since I paid for them?

I’m amenable to advice on how to get over that mental boundary.

The Fitness Diaries: It Takes 21 Days to Make a Habit

It takes 21 days to make a habit…”

I’ve heard this time and time again, and it worked last summer, and I decided to finally give it another try.

So last night, I set my alarms for 5:40 (& 5:45) a.m, so that I had just enough time to roll out of bed, eat a banana, brush my teeth, put my hair up, and have two minutes to warm up the car before it was time to head to the gym.

I was so excited that the Buffalo Athletic Club’s Downtown location finally added Total Body Sculpt in the mornings that I decided it’s time to go back and really get into it!

So I got there, walked into the spin class (TBS is only Tuesday & Thursday – Spin MWF), got my bike together and was ready to finally restart this mission to a healthier, leaner life.

Until about 15 minutes in when the evil truths of congestion stifled any breathing, and concentration, I had in the class. Even my former trainer (hopefully future trainer as well!) gave me this look of utter concern when I mentioned my congestion and trying to spin. He said, “NO! Go downstairs and just bike. Also, don’t be girly about this. You got to get that crap out of there.”

Ha! Me? Be girly about doing what I need to do to get back to health? I’m not girly, I’m a woman. An adult. I do what I need to.

I digress.

So after three, 1-minute planks (and vengeance-driven congestion), I took his advice and just biked it out. Which was A LOT easier on my lungs and focus.

I normally bike at 11-12 weight but not today. And only three miles in 13ish minutes. Not my best, but it was better than hitting snooze!

I normally bike at 11-12 weight but not today. And only three miles in 13ish minutes. Not my best, but it was better than hitting snooze!

Moral of the story?! I got through (ever slowly)  Day 1 of my attempts to get back to the gym in the mornings. It’s almost 10am now and I feel fabulous. Not a single cup of coffee/tea yet. May not need one until after lunch. And I like that. A lot.

No more excuses. I woke up feeling the heavy congestion but forced myself up anyway. Something. Every day.

Next goal to help bring me back to my best health?

We’re shopping for a bike at home!

The Fitness Diaries: In Which I Declare…

I don’t want this to sound like the blog post of a Resolutionary (someone who gets on a fitness kick for three weeks following the New Year to lose weight, only to be in the exact same position a year later) but I’m so hell-bent on finally getting to some of my fitness goals. For far too long, I’ve been allowing myself to slip through the cracks because of excuses.

I’m being real here. Over the last two months, I allowed myself to get out of the routine gym habit because I didn’t want to tear myself away from my school books. And I found perusing Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram an easier alternative to studying {read: study break} (and easier since I didn’t have to factor in travel time to the gym).

I always knew that was a lousy excuse for not getting some exercise in, but it was easy and I was mentally drained from a whirlwind end-of-semester.

Then we approached the end-of-semester, which quickly transitioned into holiday fiestas {read: Happy Hours/wine}. And I indulged. Because I’m a sucker who likened a glass of wine as being deserved simply for having done all that mental gymnastics to get to the end of the semester. Man am I a sucker for a glass of pinot!

Then immediately after the holidays, I went on vacation. And how can you not indulge in churros con chocolate and sangria in Spain? Blasphemy. I came home three pounds lighter since the immense amount of walking (and sickness) counteracted the chocolate and sangria.

… And now I’m back in full swing (still not a full health though, which is annoying) with school and work. And I don’t want to see the numbers on scale reach any higher. And at no single moment in 2013, do I want to feel like a stuffed sausage.

I don’t need to be a waif, that’s not in the cards for my body type, but I do need to be healthier. For my heart and for my future.

Short term goals?

1. Feel more energized.

2. Get blood pressure to its absolute best. (I always come in at normal, but I know there’s room for improvement)

3. I pay $30/mo at the BAC. Time to feel like it’s worth my money.

4. Get to a comfortable level again before I start wedding dress shopping. I assume this will come closer to the end of the year, so 12 months is plenty of time 🙂

Long term goals?

1. Make my doctor impressed with how good my vitals look. Seriously, I am understandably obsessed with heart health. I want mine to be superb!

2. I want to be in a good position, weight wise, when we decide to start having kids. I don’t want to worry about losing baby weight in the future. I want to establish a healthy lifestyle so that it comes almost naturally. (All obstacles will be met when the time comes.)

3. See how far I can push my limits. I’m not scared to see some muscle definition in my legs and arms, therefore, I will see how much I can lift, press, and bench. I’m already at 300 pounds on the leg press. I once got to 110 pounds benched. I want to make my way back to that.

4. Half-marathon! I finished my first 8K (Turkey Trot, Buffalo) at 1:04 in November. I don’t know if I’ll be half-marathon ready in 2013, but I don’t mind setting goals for 2014.

Seems simple enough. Time to get on it.

Seems simple enough. Time to get on it.

OK. Time to stop talking about it. Time to just do it. How?

  • Flushing out my system of the toxins (a la Saving Sarah Marshall) and giving up alcohol until at least Valentine’s Day. There’s a bottle of red wine from Spain with our names on it for that day! After that, we’re back to the moderation is key mentality! I don’t want to keep drinking my calories. That also includes those harsh chemical creamers in my coffee. And I can really get used to this honey in my tea business. I only picked it up as a way to get better, but it’s actually amazing! 
  • Cooking my favorite foods. Seriously, laziness and a desire for comfort foods really hit my wallet hard in December. We’re going back to date night out being a sporadic thing. In the meantime, I’ll take to cooking seafood at home. Wish me luck!
  • As I begin to see which foods I like best, paired with establishing a workout routine, I’ll count calories using MyFitnessPal. Hopefully, after a while, I won’t have to use it anymore! Clean eating, here I come.
  • Using the money I save on wine purchases to  pay for some personal training sessions next month! Mike at the BAC used to kick my ass and his routines stuck with me for a LONG time (back when I got to my lightest in nearly three years!).
  • Drink more water. Every day. No excuses.


Even if not a single soul cares about my fitness/health/workouts/freak outs, I think I’ll keep track of my progress as we go along. And use Foursquare to make sure I’m checking in at the gym at least once a week (last year, I went 35 weeks without missing a check-in! Going for more this year).

Let’s do this.