A Sunday Morning Musing: Almost a Master

Hey guys!

I’m super M.I.A and it’s all for good reason. I’m less than a month from defending my IMC campaign and shortly after that, becoming a master! I’m already shopping around for a custom degree frame and I’ve designated a spot for it at home… right next to my Dad’s bachelor’s degree.

I look forward to becoming a human being and joining the world in pursuing my interests and having time for hobbies. I’ll also get my flare back for writing and I plan to rebrand my entire digital self, including this blog. So wait for it… my blog look will change yet again! I’ve also been following an incredible blogger who I love and has given me so many ideas for daily writing… I. cannot. wait.

I also plan to put myself out there for some freelance work. So I’m here! Social media, content curation, public relations, and I’ve written for a myriad of industries. I’ve written about LEED technology, International Ice Hockey competitions, public relations, speeches, et cetera. I love writing. Can’t you tell?

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.56.35 AM

So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been gradschooling (new word), wondering what I look like made up, dreaming of a day off, and remembering that in a few short weeks, it’ll all have been worth it. And if I so choose, my academic life is done. But learning isn’t, don’t get it twisted. My bookshelves are bursting at the seams with books I’ve put on my “to-read” list. It’s hard to be sure what’s first but I did recently receive my copy of The New Jim Crow in the mail and I’ve been dying to get at it.

But first, budgeting and ROI.

There’s more I could write about. Like about how times are tough around here. I don’t know when in our relationship when our financial situation has been comfortable. But I’m glad I’ve married someone who is willing to work with me on fixing that and with little argument. I’ve been working with Mark to get him some photography gigs but we’re still having trouble getting him a job in education. Not even just schools but something that mirrors his experience at Buffalo Youth Media Institute over the summer.

Which by the way, his students wanted to take more documentary classes with him and the West Side Stories films by his students were considered some of the best in Squeaky Wheel history. I was thrilled to hear how much his students loved LEARNING from him. This man is an amazing teacher… but it’s hard to find people who see the value in an arts education.

But we’re real partners in this. We’re working together to figure things out. And it’s not like we haven’t seen hard times/been smacked by reality in the past. I love being married to him 🙂

And on our one month wedding anniversary, we met with the wonderful Rich and Alyssa of Nickel City Studios for some portraits. When we were planning that October 2014 wedding, we had already signed them up. When we decided that was nuts, they offered to refund us most of our deposit and just have a portrait session. They’re hands down my favorite Buffalo photographers and are all around great people. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Here’s some of the shots 🙂






I doubt I’ll get to write again until after my defense is done. Hopefully I can greet you next as a master of Integrated Marketing Communication!

See you on the other side!


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