A month in and so far so good…

As of today, we’ve been married a month. Here are some of the things that this 23-year old newlywed has learned about life as a married person.

  1. I am no longer allowed to mention not feeling well or mention snacking. Already we’ve been accused of being pregnant. No – not asked if we are, accused that we are. Good grief, saying “I will” at a ceremony doesn’t make us anymore susceptible to conceiving than before we said those words. And I still have grad school. And I’ll say it over and over, I really want to know what life is like when you’re not working three jobs or are in school full-time.
  2. No, I don’t feel any different. I do feel a bit more lost when it comes to the crazy depths of health insurance, combining car insurance, and now I have to think about my beneficiary list at work. I haven’t thought about mortality all like that in quite some time. But other than that, nope – no difference.
  3. It still feels weird to say, “I have to do something for/help my husband…” or some variation of that. I feel like I’m playing make-believe or “house” with my best friend of four years.
  4. In this honeymoon stage, compromise is where to order dinner from and which movie to watch at night. I suspect the whole compromise thing gets harder as time passes… but I’m enjoying what I’ve got for now. Thankfully, I defend my grad thesis in approximately 6-7 weeks, so he can pretty much choose to watch whatever he wants for this period of time.
  5. I still don’t really know much about marriage. We’ve had nothing but good times so far. We bicker like we’ve been married 50 years but we’re still pretty new at this. I won’t claim to know everything about marriage since we’ve only been at it a month, but I have picked a pretty good partner to learn all about it with.

I’m not really a month-by-month anniversary celebrator but I do find this one pretty relevant. And six months. And a year. And then after that, annual things are good for me.

Really, I can’t wait to see how this list changes (or how much I snicker at this one) 10, 15, 20 years down the line.



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