He put a ring on it.

Today is my first day back at work since we’ve gotten married and I’m dragging! So bad. I just turned on the Keurig and watched coffee stream out of it into… nothing. I watched it brew coffee into a non-existent mug. Today is my Monday and it trumps most Monday’s to date.

But I’m not here to talk about my mild brain deadness. I’m here to give a tiny recap on what was our “perfect special day.”

Let’s start off with how I totally kept true to my promise (and my overall self) by not being the least bit “bridezilla.” Not once during the two-months we planned, during the bachelorette, the night before, or the day of.

The morning of, in fact, I think my two best friends, Natalie and Jen (who flew in from California for this day ❤ ) were more nervous than I was. I was told by Natalie, who did my hair; Nereyda, who did my make-up; and Jen that I was being far too calm. Everyone kept asking me if I needed anything and I think the most elaborate answer I could give was “water?”

We got ready at my house where we drank some mimosas, had fruit, and laughed. And possibly choked on the copious amounts of hairspray it took to hold the curls in my hair together. Mark got ready in about 15 minutes, which really peeved me because I was at least an hour away from being ready. Normally, I’m a shower/eye-liner/spritz of perfume kind of girl. The fuss, though allowable for such an occasion, is not me. We topped it off with Mark zipping me in my dress and then running around like chickens with our heads cut off because we realized “oh shit, we’re going to be late.”

Though I was much calmer about not being on time. It’s our wedding. They’re not going to start without us… Which was a good attitude to have since I had left the money for the judge in my wallet at home. Mark, my road-ragey driver, got the peeved feeling in return when we had to go around and pick it up, but he calmed down. He always does.

Then it was time. We made our way downtown and met with my grandmother & grandfather, sisters, sister’s boyfriend, friends, and my new in-laws at the Fountain Square in front of City Hall. After about twenty minutes (thankful for a patient judge!), everyone was finally ready, settled, and had a pretty orange rose boutonnieres pinned to them.

We listened to this guy tell us everything we’re entering into… and in true Sam fashion, when it was time to for me to say my vows, I mustered out a incredulous “oh fuck.”

I’m telling you, my mom and dad must be so proud.

"Oh fuck."

“Oh fuck.” #prayformarkdos

And the rest is the beginning of our future. We are wife and husband. Ms. & Mr. Sam.

And we’ve been saying “We’re married?” and “Ew. Husband; Ick. Wife,” all weekend/week.


Our small wedding was perfect. Eighteen people plus the couple. Purrfect.

I love that we could fit everyone who witnessed our wedding into one picture :)

I love that we could fit everyone who witnessed our wedding into one picture 🙂

Then we went to dinner and it was fantastic. And Mark’s best friend gave a really beautiful speech and hit the nail on the head when he mentioned, “you can see the love between Sam and Mark… every time they fight.” Yeah, pretty much. We are newlyweds going on 50 years together with all the bickering.

And my sisters went up to give a small speech. And man, I saw them standing up there and that was the first time all day I had really thought about my Mom and Dad. And it brought me to tears. Thankfully, it wasn’t that ugly cry meltdown I had suspected I’d have. But it was a cry. And my little sister mentioned that she doesn’t consider Mark a brother-in-law, but a brother. And happy tears happened. And then I realized I had a least a pound of make up on that I had to consider and shut that baby right up.

After dinner, one hour and two glasses of wine with Jen and my baby sister on my porch later and it was finally time for our reception at JP Bullfeathers. And this might have been the number one time I utilized the “my special day” bit… so that I didn’t have to go to the bar for a drink. I sat at the table with all my friends, friends I’ve known since high school and even before, and we wondered where time was going. I’m married. Natalie and Julie are next. What’s. Going. On?

We laughed, we hugged, we reminisced. I finally took a tequila shot with my new mother-in-law. Tequila, 7-up, and a splash of cranberry might have to happen in my life a little more. We danced a little.

And it ended the way I love for most events to end. At my house, with more drinks, more dancing, and more time with friends/family.

Ok, so we didn’t have a million dollar wedding. We didn’t even make the “average” $10K for a wedding (puke). But it was perfect. It was us. Intimate, fun, and we were able to spend more time with those we really love.

And all weekend I’ve been saying, “I cannot believe we were getting ready to go ahead with the October wedding.” That probably would have killed me.

To the rest of our journey!

Ew. Husband!

He put a ring on it...

He put a ring on it…


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