The week that ends in wife.

It’s been a while since my last post. And I’m sad that they might really start becoming more infrequent with the semester rearing its ugly head. Alas, when I return to more regular blogging, at least I’ll be a master. Just call me Master Sam when I return.

The wedding is finally (almost) here! After all these different plans (wedding planning has made me finally realize that I may be one of the most indecisive people EVER), we say “I Do” at City Hall. I never used to like the idea of a City Hall wedding, but now? I adore it. Easy breezy and not to mention that our City Hall is probably one of the most gorgeous buildings in the area.

And I stayed true to the one thing I really wanted to maintain. Our wedding day will be simple and relaxed. The ceremony itself has no frills and is being administered by a judge. The 20 of us from the ceremony are headed a relaxed dinner together. Because we have SO many people in our families who are the pickiest people ever, it’s a dinner at Casa Di Pizza/JJ’s. And my sister’s eyes lit up when I said that dinner would be simple and have two of her favorite things, chicken fingers & pizza! Afterwards, we’ll venture over to another of our favorite Elmwood Ave. staples, JP Bullfeather’s, for an open bar reception with more of our friends!

My bachelorette followed that “simple and relaxed” as well, which was nice. Now that my friends and I are all older (I’ve known a good chunk of my friends since at least Freshman year of high school. My best friend and I have known each other since 5th grade!), any time we take to just get together, chat… and maybe play a couple rounds of pong… is a good night in my book. My mom used to tell me that sometimes friends from high school just don’t stay friends (in her attempts to make me realize that my studies were more important than hanging out) and it apparently isn’t true. Look at me, ma! A master in the works and still laughing at our lives together. So we did dinner at Duff’s (which now I can answer the quintessential Buffalo question – Duff’s is absolutely better than Anchor Bar) followed by a few too many wine spritzers at my house and a tipsy sing-a-long to Glee songs. We’re a wild bunch, let me tell you.

My dress is fun. I may or may not have put it on several times at this point. Generally, I forget what I look like with it on, so I put it on to envision accessories. But then I kinda just enjoy being in it. Mark has already seen me in it and is even the designated zipper-helper on the day of. He’s really my best friend so I couldn’t help but share with him what it looks like.

And of course, the one thing that is the most bittersweet detail, my parents’ memories are making me a little weepy leading up to the whole event. I’m actually pretty terrified of having an ugly cry meltdown and I’m more terrified that it’ll be during the ceremony. I’ve never really been a one to dream up my perfect wedding, but anytime I had thought about it, my parents were part of the picture. Them not being there absolutely kills me. And yes, “they’ll be there in spirit” and “they’re always part of your heart,” are nice sentiments, but it doesn’t change anything for me. It hurts like hell. I’m sure I’ll have fun and it’ll still be an amazing day. It won’t be perfect (namely because of the aforementioned), but then again, whose wedding day is really perfect? Imperfection usually makes for a better story anyway…

And true to form… our wedding day is actually on the first weekend of classes. I mistakingly read the undergraduate start date (pro tip: don’t plan a wedding when your brain is pretty much mush from graduate school) and set our wedding date for our actual start date. SO, I will be going wild on my last night as a single lady on Friday… by introducing myself to my new professor on the Hilbert campus. As I’ve told Mark, as my new ball-and-chain, he’s already cost me half a letter grade by getting married on a class day. Just kidding of course, I take full responsibility for my mistake. But I’m not apologizing for missing class. After all, I’m finally getting married!

The stress of this pretty simple day is more than enough for me. I can’t believe we were getting ready to take on this whole big shebang out in Allegany. I probably would have been a true-to-form Bridezilla. Those of you with 150+ people weddings… that’s quite a feat. Because me? Hell no. Our 20 person ceremony/dinner and 40-person reception is more than enough.

So this week’s hump day is a little unusual for me. At the end of this week, I’ll be a wife. I won’t be the world’s best wife, but apparently I’m at the least the best one Mark could have hoped for. Sometimes I wonder why he loves me because I can be pretty flighty, kinda forgetful, and some would say stubborn and not ashamed to say what’s on my mind.

But that’s why I’m cool with marrying him, too. Because he loves me despite these things.

I’m really excited to be in Ithaca on Sunday, too. We’re leaving extra early for my favorite spot along the Finger Lakes. It also happens to be where this whole engagement started anyway, which is a nice touch. I’m excited to finally go to Taughannock Falls (how have I never been there?) and be able to drink wine this time! (I was 20 years old last time we were there. How was I such a baby and still proposed to him?) I’m excited to visit my absolute favorite campus in the world, Cornell University! I loved my time at Buffalo State and now with Bonaventure, but if I had to choose what school I loved the most, Cornell takes the cake. And I didn’t even formally enroll there, I took a semesters worth of classes over two summers.

Ithaca should be pretty pretty interesting and vibrant as all the students will be back for their first week of classes! I’m kinda hoping there will be an interesting lecture we could agree on going to. A lecture on your honeymoon? Ultimate nerd couple.

Back to work for me now! I can’t wait to be a married woman 🙂


(Special shout out to Alyson at Rust Belt Love who designed our special invitations for the people coming to our ceremony! She make the most beautiful invitations for any event. Check out the details in the drawing of City Hall. I highly recommend her. She’s also a riot, fun to work with, her house, which is her studio is amazing; and she named her daughter Samantha. So she clearly has good taste ;] lol.)

Our custom made invitations for our guests to have as a keepsake for our very special day!

Our custom made invitations for our guests to have as a keepsake for our very special day! City Hall is outlined in copper ink. The entire invitation is housed in a box meant for putting any relics of the day inside to keep 🙂


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