Dog Days of Yore… Growing up and Learning Some

I remember when I was a senior in high school and I was applying for this fantastic opportunity for a full ride through college. It was some sort of program (and I knew quite a few of the students that ultimately got it) that was pretty competitive. It was also one of my first interviews for pretty much anything. My first job as a housekeeper at a church in downtown Buffalo was kind of grandfathered to me because my mother had previously held the position.

The program was set for Canisius College, which I had already committed to go going to, so being invited to interview was a big deal for me and, especially, my mother.

I was coached to the best of everyone’s ability on how to handle interviews. What to wear, how to dress, mannerisms, and why I thought I would be a great candidate for such a prestigious award.

Then came the one question I’ll never forget… and the lamest ass answer in the history of “Describe yourself in three words.”

1. Loyal

2. Kind

3. Fun

After listing off these Lassie-like answers, I followed it up by chuckling and telling the interviewers (there were four), “Boy, I sound like a dog, don’t I?”


I didn’t get it. I didn’t even get the 50% scholarship they were offering. And following a series of events (& one full year at Canisius) afterward, I’m actually really glad to have graduated from Buffalo State instead (the communication department just fit me better). I’m sure it’s not wholly based on my canine attributes that I didn’t get the scholarship, but boy was that one stand out facepalm, eye-roll of a moment.

Which is pretty much the reaction I got out of my mother when I told her about how the interview went.

Potentially long story, short – I noticed how far I’ve come since that day. I just filled out an application that asked me to describe myself in three words. This time?

1. Passionate

2. Critical

3. Ambitious

I’ve come to terms with a lot in the years in between moments, faced some adversities, and more importantly, overcame them. And I took kind of a “it is what it is” stance on number 2. I hmm’d at the word choice. Does it come off like I’m some judgmental biotch? Because I’m not. Gay, straight, bi, polygamist? Great. Atheist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu? Great. Full-time Working Mother or Stay At Home Mom? Great. The list could go on.


I expect certain things, and when presented with ideas, suggestions, etc., I like to analyze and make sure the right things are being done to implement. Basically, I know critical has a negative/positive connotation:

  1. Expressing adverse or disapproving judgments: “critical of many US programs”.
  2. Expressing or involving an analysis of a creative work or performance: “she never won the critical acclaim she sought”.

But there it is.

I didn’t mean to get all “coming of age” on you… but I really have come a long way. I can’t wait to see how I evolve as the years pass.


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