What I learned in105 degree heat

Last night, I went to my first hot yoga class at Evolation Yoga here in Buffalo. It was a 90 minute yoga class taught in 105 degree heat. Snap, it was rough! I have never sweat so much in my entire life. By the end, I couldn’t really hold a pose like I’d like because… well, everything was slippery! Gross, I know… but it was a HUNDRED AND FIVE DEGREES. I immediately went home and went vegetable in front of my a/c (after showering because did I mention that it was the sweatiest I’ve ever been?).

I am not afraid to take chances or push myself. I’ve never taken yoga classes beyond the BAC or practiced yoga outside of my iPad app at home. I stretched my poor hamstrings and pushed my hips out as far as I could, and held them as long as I could. I failed in comparison to the seasoned yogis in the room – but they’ve got 3-infinite more years on me.

I am getting better at channeling my competitive spirit and internalizing it. In high school, I was super competitive in everything ranging from academics to athletics. If I got a 99% on my report card, but my adversary classmate got a 98%, I’d berate my teacher as to why the extra point from perfect was taken from me. Thankfully, some years later and some life-changing events later, even though I can still be competitive with some things (sorry, Mark!), I’m getting better at just challenging myself. Which, won’t this work out to my benefit later? I’m pushing myself at weight lifting, challenging my time in a 10K (hopefully a half-marathon someday), and now — purposely working out in higher heat (and I HATE heat).

I can channel my “do it because it needs to be done attitude” beyond school. Honestly, my mother always said that to me about things that I didn’t want to do but needed to do. And I applied it to extra curricular activities, leadership programs, and tutoring sessions, but it never seemed to translate into the physical. This was a 90 minute class. I’ve only done 45 minute classes before (in regular room-temperature classes), or 30 minutes at home. The last 20 minutes of class, I almost curled up into a ball in the corner to just watch everyone else do their thing. But damnit, I paid $12 for this single class (student rate) and I was going to get my $12 worth and stop being a wuss about 20 minutes. I had already done 70 minutes, the final 20 is just something that needed to be done. So it was done.

Going along with channeling by “needs to be done” attitude, I don’t “do the newbie dramatics.” This was said to me at the end of class after asking me how I liked the class. Apparently, a lot of 90 Hot Yoga newbies grunt and do other “dramatic” noises during a yoga class. I appreciate not being “that guy.”

Despite not acting like a newbie, I definitely was. I think I really like yoga practice and I like how I feel afterwards even more. I’m thinking that once or twice a week would be a good place to start. I’ll need the practice in meditating especially as I come closer to IMC campaign defense time!


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