Marriage for All // Licensed to wed

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, as well as Proposition 8. Gay marriage will continue to be legal in the states that recognize same-sex marriage, entailing those people to the same benefits of heterosexual married couples.

And even though it was in no way planned this way, these decisions put the cherry on top of a pretty fun morning for Mark and I. As we waited at Buffalo City Hall to present the necessary documentation and we obtained our marriage license, as well as got a judge to marry us on August 24, 2013! We are expecting a small crowd of around 15 for the ceremony itself, followed by dinner for us and them. We are now looking for a place that is big enough to have a cocktail party for the rest of our friends in celebration!

And as a fun fact, because I love patterns apparently, I’m really excited about landing the 24th for our wedding. We began dating on June 24th, 2009, got engaged on July 24th, 2011; we are now getting married on August 24th, 2013! So now we’ll have every summer month stocked with anniversaries. (He asked me what will we do for September 24th? I told him, “Watch, that’ll be the day our first child is born.” Hey, you never know.)

Our rings are purchased. My dress is on its way. Accessories are being searched for.

Have I mentioned that this was the best wedding planning endeavor? It’s been fairly easy (with the two hardest parts being finding a dress and now finding shoes) and largely stress-free.

I do feel slightly bad that the first couple of months of our newlywed-ness will be spent with my face in front of a computer screen working on my IMC defense book for my master’s degree. But he was shockingly very okay with this and will continue to support me as I wrap this baby up! He’s already a pretty good husband.

As we sat in the hall waiting to see who we needed to see for our license, we read the SCOTUS decision and it became an even happier moment for me. As you might have all caught on to by now… I’m a major proponent for equal rights for all people. Simple as that. I do not believe that a certain book dictates what is right for all people. I found it incredibly uplifting that any gay couple in New York (and other states) could continue to be married if they choose. The choice is theirs. And when people have the choice to do what will make them happy, well… it makes me happy. I’m happy to have shared this day with the strike down of DOMA and Prop 8.

Holy shit. I’m getting married.


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