A Friday Eve Brain Dump

Go away from your blog for a couple of weeks and there’s a new WordPress platform waiting for me. Well then… so that’s new.

Since my last update about life and nothing in particular, a few things have happened that I’m excited about.

My book is coming along! The design template and bones of the aesthetic part of my master’s IMC book is more-or-less in place. I’m still working on content as much as I can but am currently stonewalled until I get some quantitative research done. Working on doing some more qualitative (second-hand) research in the meantime, and this is expected to ramp up after my final classes for the summer wrap up this weekend. Granted the point of no return was back in January, I can’t believe how close I am to getting my master’s degree! I can feel my parent’s smiles. This is just as much for their memory as it is for me. I even decided that for this one, I am definitely walking the stage next May. I owe that much to myself (and I’m in a much better place now than I was when I graduated undergrad).

Buffalo News Sports writer Tim Graham called me. It wasn’t some flimsy call for the hell of it, hey what’s up old pal? Nah, he called me to talk about the Washington NFL team name, aptly referred to as the R-Word in Indian Country. I have been pretty diligent in keeping up with this topic as it continues to be an issue. A mutual friend (mentor?) referred Graham to me because he recognizes my passion for this topic as it’s obvious if we’re friends on any form of social media. Even if we’re not friends on social media, I’ve written about the topic here and hereI was really happy to see the discussion brought to a local level. I wasn’t even phased by the negative commentary regularly received on any Buffalo News article. Because the point was that people were talking about it. And for all of the negative that came with it, I was incredibly relieved to see just how many applauded Tim for vowing to refer to Washington as just that.  He doesn’t promise it because in his business, the team name just rambles off the tip of the tongue without thought. To his credit, he quickly understood that in itself is a problem. And in a coy, flushed, and humble brag way, it was really cool seeing his article featured in National papers… an article in which my name, subsequently, also went National. No one noticed, no more new people know who I am, and to say I received any sort of fame would be stretching the truth further than I could attempt. BUT, I helped to get the conversation started. I did that. Humble brag over.

The Nephew/James Wedding Saga changes… again. We’ve pulled the plug on an October 2014 wedding. After a lot of discussion, and a fight I’d rather pretend never happened, we came to some agreements on what a wedding should be. I have never pictured myself as a fairy tale princess bride. The thought of being at the center of attention in a room of 100+ people made me want to vom ever so slightly. More than that, the idea of paying for a wedding like this made me really anxious, nauseated, and just downright shitty. We are not rich people, we don’t have wealthy families, and to put the onus on ourselves to put on this event just didn’t make sense in the end. So finally, we’re gathering the details on a new wedding plan. Something that will fit both the budget and our styles – relaxed, laid-back, and stress-free less stressful. Nothing yet is super set in stone, but we have a pretty good idea of where we’re headed. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah… and we bought wedding bands! I told him that after almost a three-year engagement, I feel like I really became dedicated when I purchased my wedding band. While I was kidding of course, it felt more extremely real because it’s an item that symbolizes the wedding day. The old venue at Seneca Allegany was the location. The photographers were set to capture the moments. But the rings are actual things exchanged on the day of. Tangible, life-long mementos of the day. It’s beautiful, it’s simple, and where bling-y brides would scoff at my choice, I’m super excited about the extra sparkle on my hand. Remember when I said the theme of our wedding had to be simple? I meant it. Also, we bought his ring the other day and it is so unique. Think my pearl engagement ring is unique in the bridal jewelry world? His wedding band is amazing… and totally him. Can’t wait to share!



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