23-years young and feminist

Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m being too brash. Too forthcoming. Too bitchy in my words on social media, no matter how much I mean those very words.

Sometimes I think of my “brand image” an an employable 23-year old, as a woman, as an ambitious soon-to-be graduate student, and wonder if I’m ruining chances at greatness.

I’m 23-years old and my life, in some instances have been peaches and cream; in others, not so much. How could anyone learn from me?

Then I get those private messages. The messages I wouldn’t dare to make private. They are so special to me I couldn’t.

I remember being a young tot and one of my wishes in life was to be a source of inspiration. A source of making other people realize their potential. NO LIE. This was a young Sam’s wish. It has evolved from doing this as a novelist, to a marine biologist, to an actress, and now to a marketer; but the idea remains the same, I want to inspire people.

Just today I became ever so slightly unnerved by an “unfriend” on Facebook from someone I respect and it made me a little upset. Not even an “unsubscribe” but a straight up “unfriend.”

But then I get those messages online.

I’m not 100% sure I know what I’m doing that would cause someone else to take action, but I’m proud I’m doing it. And I’m not doing it for acknowledgement, I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do. There is a more equitable way to share this world and I want to aid in finding that equilibrium.

In my short life I’ve said that my one wish is to “inspire others.” I’ve done that a few times over and now I don’t want to stop. I want to continue to inspire women to succeed. The Western ideology of women and men is SO different to the indigenous understanding of women and men. Learning different ways that people live is crucial to a well-rounded life and I hope to keep making that understood.

I grew up in a household of feminists, even if I didn’t know they were feminists when they were on this planet with me.

I grew up in a household where my mother was the final word because that’s just how it worked. No judgements. Always an “Ask your father,” statement after I went to Mom. But it was known that Mother knows best and was treated as such. Because it’s true. Women are the real power holders and how it’s gotten to this point in mainstream American culture is beyond me.

Dare to be great.


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