Plugging Along and Brussels Sprouts

There you have it. I changed my blog – again! But that’s what I do. It’s like my house, I rearrange everything every couple of months because I like novelty. And being sick of the same old, same old. It kind of goes against all of my training in integrated marketing, you know – keeping a consistent message, but we’re allowed to be our own contradictions. Right?

Right?! (At least I recognize I’m being a contradiction! That’s a step.)

Anyway, here is a brief (word-vomit-about-my-life) update.

I’ve been taking this Creative Message Strategy course in my master’s program. It’s basically advertising for the integrated marketer – and it’s amazing. Most Bonnies (at least IMC Bonnies) seem to know who MJK is, and I love being in his class. All of our other teachers, though wonderful and amazing, they have to teach us about strategy and the mechanics of certain things – it’s their job! – but in this advertising class, I feel like we’re releasing SO many creative juices (with some strategy thrown in there, don’t get it twisted) that it’s just plain fun. Several of us have agreed that even when we’re being ripped apart by MJK, we’re loving his class.

I’ve also been taking this Organizational Behavior class at the same time. It’s online, so a lot of it is reading and writing, which is great. I’m learning about methods in management and leadership, along with how to create effective teams and managing a diverse employee landscape. More to come on this when I have time to go in depth on it.

I’ve been busy because did I mention I was taking these two five-week intensive graduate level courses at the same time? Yeah, my cohort thinks I’m bonkers, too.

We’ve made another stride in the longest wedding journey ever. We’re pretty much set for a late August engagement shoot with our photographers! They’ve been posting other people’s engagement photos on Facebook for a couple of weeks and now I’m getting antsy for ours! I want to have them in time for October 4th, when the one year countdown begins! Every now and then when I think of it that way, my first thought is “Holy shit, I’m getting married. Me. Me? Me.” Then it’s all followed by being thankful for having this wonderful hunk of man in my life. He who rubs my back every single time I ask for it (because he knows I won’t stop until he does it), who makes life easy when I’m physically down and out, and is pretty much the completion of my marketing communications self with all of his snazzy graphic know-how.

I’m 100% glad I declined going to China. Yes – I’m missing out on something special but I’m sure I’ll get there someday. However, in this moment, in this time and space, I am SO glad that I’ll have a month of doing grad work on my time and using spare time to cook, clean, work out, be a human being.

We’re getting serious about losing weight. Like we’ve made strides. I’ve already lost a few pounds, which is probably just water weight, but that’s the first step. No? Well I’m saying it is. I have engagement photos I’d like to not look like a heifer in, and a wedding. Essentially, I’d like to be in the best shape of my life by 25, in 2014. I was always slightly overweight in high school despite being incredibly active in sports and such, so I don’t think this is a too-much-to-ask-for goal.

So there it is. I’ve been trying to focus on grad school, health, fitness, and wedding stuff. I keep saying I try to keep wedding stuff on the back burner until I’ve graduated… do you know how incredibly hard that is?! Clearly, it’s hard.

And as an ode to one of my favorite bloggers (and fitness/health/healthy eating/feminist/wedding inspirations – Rachel at The House Always Wins), I’d like to end this blog with a recipe that will hopefully help me in this weight-loss journey because this shit is delicious and filling and I’m making them again tonight.

I call it: Brussels so easy, a Sam can do it:

Brussels and some asparagus. It was a feast.

Brussels and some asparagus. It was a feast.

– As many brussels sprouts as you want in a serving. I made half a bag from Wegmans because I was excited to love these and to have more for lunch today (which I did and they were amazing).

– Extra virgin olive oil

– Salt (Sea Salt preferred but I used regular because I haven’t stocked up on that yet)

– Cracked Black Pepper

– Crushed Red Pepper flakes for a heat kick!

– Half a lemon

It burns so good.

It burns so good.

Halve the brussels, pour some of that EVOO (yes – I love Rachel Ray, too) over the Brussels and make sure to rub all of the oil over their surfaces. Sprinkle with salt, black pepper, and the red pepper flakes to taste. I did half with a righteous kick, the other without so much. Pop in the oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. When they’re done, some of the skin should have a nice roasted look to them. Squeeze lemon juice on top to your taste. Voila! Amazeballs.

This is such a simple recipe I can’t believe it took me forever to get it right – with a thanks to Rachel above! I’m thinking of sprinkling a little parmesan on them tonight to mix it up.

If I not-so-secretly want to be a food blogger, I should probably bust out the DSLR so you're not subjected to these iPhone photos of food. Bon apetite!

If I not-so-secretly want to be a food blogger, I should probably bust out the DSLR so you’re not subjected to these iPhone photos of food. Bon apetite!


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