Wedding Talk: The Dress

Rather than to stew in the fact that I shouldn’t be daydreaming about wedding planning (but clearly I totally am), I figure I’ll just get to it and then not feel bad about wanting to daydream when I am actually studying.

And the topic I’m daydreaming about today would be about…. [drumroll] the wedding dress!

I’m not planning on doing actual wedding dress shopping until December, after I graduate, because I don’t want to put any extra stress on myself until after I’ve gotten rid of the current load of stress. Makes sense, no?

I’m also really flabby and jiggly from current said stress so I’m not really looking to try on beautiful dresses for a while. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I’ll begin losing more weight (especially since I’ve been making it a point to get out there and exercise more).

But anyway, I have been looking at different gowns/dresses that I think I’d like and so far, I’ve compiled a list of somethings like thatthat’s cute but not for me, and a list of hell no-no!

So let’s set the scene. I’m getting married the first weekend of October (2014) in Allegany – think pretty autumn colors! The last few years, it has also been really warm, especially down on territory (our reception site is on Seneca land so I call it “territory”), so I’m hoping it sticks going into next year. We’re talking 70 degrees or so, my perfect weather! I want our wedding to be very casual and laid back. Low-key and low-stress are my favorite words to describe what I want.

So here are some options I’ve come up with already.

Romina gown - J.Crew

Romina gown – J.Crew

I love the tiers and the fact that it looks flowy. It doesn’t look constricting at all, which is something I’m really looking for. I hate corsets and I’d cringe if I had to stand still and let other people dress me for minutes on end. Keyword for the Sam/Mark wedding must stay at SIMPLE. However, this dress is filed under that’s cute but it’s not for me, because of the neckline. Let’s just say that my boobs are the kind of boobs some people spend a great deal of money to get. And where that might normally be a good thing, I’m not about to have them on display like this dress would allow for on the day I have our families together.

A Shareen Vintage dress

A Shareen Vintage dress

This dress. THIS DRESS. I damn near wanted to cry when I saw this dress. It’s so gorgeous and again, super flowy and not constricting. The lace with the gold wrap gives this dress that little something while still being super simple. The neckline kind of rides the same line as the last dress but I have a hunch that it can be modified for my girls. Honestly, I haven’t seen what it looks like from top to bottom because I can’t seem to find the actual design. I think I’ve seen it on Shareen’s Instagram account, but I can’t be certain. Anyway – this (or a variation of this) would be a contender if I could find it. And if I really enjoyed back and shoulder exercises. I think adding some kind of gold/creamy color like that to my wedding would be amazing – think of the autumn backdrop! This is definitely under something like that.

Maggie Sottero dress

Maggie Sottero dress

At least I think it’s a Maggie dress. If it’s not – sorry Maggie! Anyway, I LOVED this dress at one point. I couldn’t get enough of it. I had a picture of it on my phone. And I think that’s 100% due to the mind-blowing time I had in Greece (see it now?). I wanted all things Greek and Grecian. Now I look at it, and where it is a gorgeous dress, I don’t think it’s for me. I do like the one shoulder look and I think the sleeve is really unique, but I’m filing it under that’s cute but not for me.

Found on Pinterest dress

Found on Pinterest dress

Just so that we cover all our bases in the dress filing system, I wanted to show an example of a hell no-no! dress. It’s not a bad dress but it’s too loud for my liking. I want to wear the dress, not have the dress wear me, and this dress screams – look at my bling and nothing else! My opinion anyway. It just doesn’t fit under the simple mandate. (But if you want it – power to you… enjoy!)

I’m really excited, but not excited at the same time, to go dress shopping. Excited because eeek! dress shopping!! and then not excited because I hate shopping in stores. If I could buy all my clothes online, that’d be great. I usually don’t have a great time out there shopping for clothes, but especially if I know I need to try stuff on, I’ll go. I just won’t enjoy it. But that’s something to deal with/look forward to this winter.

I’ve also set a really small budget for my dress. I’ve spent a lot on photography, which to me IS a lot more important than the dress. I just wish someone would come out of the woodwork and be all like, “hey! I’ll help you buy your dress” which would give me a lot more flexibility. C’est la vie.

What do you think of the dresses above? What are you looking for in your dream wedding?


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