Fitness Diaries: Hopping Back On

Tonight is the night!

(The night of love… la la).

That’s not being too facetious either. I’m finally, after four weeks of utter stress and ass-busting work, I’m finally FINALLY going back to the gym to workout. I think I might run four miles out of pure joy.

I’m scared for my muscles, they’re frightened about the soreness to ensue and worse yet, realizing just how little I can lift/push/hold these days. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one real good workout, and I know that they say a one-hour workout is just 4% of your day or something, but it’s hard finding an hour to do work in the last couple of weeks.

Between the death in the family, being there for my family, and all of this craziness that is graduate school and work, the most “exercise” I’ve gotten comes from car to building to car to house. Last week alone, trying to make up school work and keep on top of my two classes, school was a full-time job (& overtime at that!). Not to mention the, you know, job I do have.

Anyway, cry for me Argentina.

Tonight we’re back on it. It would have been this morning, but all these late nights are making it really hard to be up with the birds.

I’m going to try and keep to this workout plan this week. I’m really, really hoping to stick to it because I need to start getting my body back. I’ve gained some weight this year, which I attribute to mounting stress (my habit of stress eating *hand smack*), and having little time to cook for myself. Some nights, Mark will cook for us, but it’s usually spaghetti, frozen pizza, or something else that comes with directions on the box. The food thing I still have to conquer, but for this week, and for my sanity, here’s what I’d like to accomplish for my well-being this week.

Monday: Running at the gym! I’d preferably like to get in a cool four miles. I think if I can improve my four mile run over the next couple of weeks, I’ll find my 5K in June bearable (and most importantly – not embarrassing!).

Tuesday: Morning spin class at BAC for Women. This is a 6:15 am class and it takes about 20 minutes to get there. Looks like it’s early-ish to bed with me! I need to stop being an old woman trapped in the body of a 23-year old and just spring out of bed. I’d also like to get in 30 minutes of yoga at night to stretch out these muscles that will be undoubtedly hurting tomorrow.

Wednesday: Back to the BAC for the 5:30 Bootcamp class. This will be my first time in this specific class. I’m scared.

Thursday: A warm up on the bike, followed by some weight training and maybe even some resistance training for my upper body. My tris and back are scared. We’ll do some sets and then finish it off with a quick three-mile jaunt.

Friday: I will finally return to the 6:05 Total Body Sculpt class at the BAC Colvin. That woman kicked my ass last summer when I was about 15 lbs lighter than I am now. I’m hoping she’ll work her magic again!

Saturday: Another 30 minute yoga session before I’m expected at Hilbert for my class. After school, I’m stopping downtown for a mile swim. That’s roughly 66 lengths of the pool and takes me a little less than an hour to complete.


Here’s to hoping I stick with all of these plans. Though the ideal is every damn day, I would settle for doing four of the six things listed here. And that convenient number of letting two fall to the wayside is in no way correlated to the two early morning workouts I’ve listed…


I have to figure out the food thing.

Like not having a “gourmet” hot dog following a two-hour beer session at events like Beerology. I was intrigued by this food truck, however, I think I’ve reached my hot dog quota for the year.

Anyway – these are my fitness goals for the week. What are you planning to do this week?


 Would it be totally okay to promise myself a new Lululemon item if I manage to maintain a decent workout schedule for the remaining three weeks of grad classes?


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