Hold them, hold them dearly

“I can’t go a day without thinking about (insert persons name here). ”

This was something I think most people hear when they’re in high school. The naive girl/boy talking about the other naive girl/boy that they think is the “bag of potato chips” if you will… forgive my analogy – I’m quite tired.

But it’s true. Eventually in life, there are people you can’t go a single day without thinking of them.

I thought that was a facetious statement of the naive and vulnerable teenager who was recently broken up with. No – it’s a real thing. But it doesn’t necessarily have to a naive feeling.

Occasionally, I think of this statement and it hits me. I have not, for one single day in the last 3-4 years, gone a day without thinking of my parents. And for all intents and purposes, I mean people you don’t see everyday. Of course I think of Mark every day, I see him every day (almost – unless I’m traveling, but even then… facetime like a mother!). 

There are still knee-jerk reactions when things happen to me and my first reaction is to want to call/text my mother and father. Oooof – that hurts when you can’t. Let’s just say, I am looking forward to graduation day… but I am NOT looking forward to graduation day.

Hold on to your loved ones. Hold them dearly.

And in the interest in full disclosure… when I say I’d give anything to have my Mom and Dad back with me I’m not so secretly thinking this: you’d all be goners.

That’s supposed to be a funny-ha-ha. 😉

Ok, my brain is fried but it’s kind of still going from the caffeine. Time to find a way to rectify this before I burn out.

Good night – and I mean it, hold them dearly.



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