Take a hike…!

Tonight, we went for a walk.

The last few weeks have been rough in the physical activity department. Between family woe and beyond crazy busy with school, I haven’t been able to squeeze in exercise, let alone walks with Mark.

Today, I forced myself from my desk to take a brisk 30 minute walk. We stopped at Spot and then walked around the Elmwood Village. We conversed, we expressed concerns of late, we pointed at homes we wish to own some day. My legs were used for longer than a five-minute walk from my car to the 38th floor of HSBC Center. I spent longer than 15 minutes not staring at a computer screen. I took breaths of fresh air. I reconnected with my best friend.

After coming home and finishing my coffee (hello caffeine high!), I was more refreshed and got A LOT done. I’m still working and nowhere near “done” but holy shit I feel better.

I can already tell that my first workout post-semester is going to be rough to say the least. But knowing myself, I’ll be out there and doing my best. I’ve got that Color Me Rad 5K in June to look forward to – so the motivation is there. Thankfully, in a few weeks, the time will be there as well.

Here’s to taking healthy breaks!


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