A Wedding Update: Thank You Cards and Inspirations

LIfe has been so stupid hectic lately that I kind of put a lot of wedding researching on the back burner. We have our reception venue and our photographer… and that’s really it.

I did have one long ass Facebook thread discussion on the merit/necessity for social graces in regards to Thank You cards for the wedding day. I’m still not convinced it’s necessary, but I’m not in the business of actively offending people, so we added it to the list of shit to do for the wedding day/after.

And for clarification, no I’m not an asshole (unless I have to be and I don’t shy away from being so if the situation calls for it) purposely. But my thing about Thank You cards for a wedding is this – you should know that I would be ecstatic that you came to my wedding. I invited you. I don’t willy nilly invite people for the hell of it. If I did, and invited my entire world, our wedding guest list would balloon significantly.

And I come from a place where if you don’t thank me on the day of, I assume it’s because you’re busy. Which is cool! In my case, I’m likely to come make sure you know I was there regardless.

And this argument that, “well they took off this amount of time, bought you this present, and put their lives on hold for a day…”

Whoa. No, if going to my wedding is such an inconvenience, then don’t go. I will absolutely say no to a wedding invite if I feel like it’s an inconvenience and I’m not genuinely excited for this person’s big day. I get really picky with who I call a friend, so I’m likely to be genuinely excited if I’m invited to said event. If not, well… sorry. One less mouth to feed for you.

Normally, I wouldn’t have such strong opinions about such a thing, but I was genuinely surprised to find that there are people who are legitimately offended to not get a Thank You card. As in “I’m not talking to her, if she thinks she’s ever getting anything from me ever again, she’s wrong,” kind of offended.

I also didn’t care so much before because I had written off Thank You cards as trite and an unnecessary waste of money. They’re also a pain in the neck to the people who have to write them. Know that couple that waited six months to get you yours? Yeah, that’s because they’re a newlywed couple with shit to do, and when they get a moment to breathe, they’d rather do nothing and stare at a wall than to write Thank You cards.

Long story short, I’ll write the damned things, but don’t expect them weeks after October 4th. Especially that close to the holidays, you cray.

For charities, events, donations, of course you send out Thank You cards. For someone’s big special day? meh.


Well now that I got that out of the way.

The only reason I came on here was to show you my most recent obsessions for the wedding.



Apples, pumpkins, cream/golds/oranges with hints of turquoise…

Couple this with the changing leaves of an outdoor wedding in an Allegany fall setting (fingers crossed)?!

I’m dying. So beautiful 🙂

Where I’m not looking forward to the extraneous work that goes into wedding planning, I am looking forward to that moment when I see all of these elements come together (as frugally as possible).


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