The Fitness Diaries: Setbacks happen.

'Nuff said

‘Nuff said

I got two weeks with trying to be mindful of eating healthy and working out. Then I go three weeks of being mindful that I need to get enough sleep to function properly. I need to hop off this yo-yo. And quick.

I’ve been so bogged down recently because I have this huge conference that we’ve been gearing up for at work (and that I’ll be in Vegas for four days next week for), a ton of reading for grad school, and trying to keep up (minimal) appearances with friends. Not to mention trying to make time with Mark, without a book/e-book in my lap.

This master in the art of time management is kind of getting a little worn down. But I do my best to wake up, go to work, and have a smile on my face by the time it’s time to pass out, face down, onto my pillow.

That said, the fitness/weight loss journey I’ve been TRYING to maintain has its ups and downs. Ups in that I’ve gained two pounds, downs in that my energy levels are straggling. This morning, I hit snooze SIX times before getting up. Who the hell does that? I still got to work on time, but my makeup-less face and cups of coffee surrounding me are the consequence.

I need to start working up to a better workout schedule, and to STOP giving in to the pleasures of instant gratification when it comes time for dinner. Seriously, if something isn’t in the crock pot when I get home, I have NO desire to put my hand on a single thing in the fridge. This can’t be the case anymore.

My LoseIt app shows that my caloric intake in the morning and afternoon is normal and healthy. But dinner is always a much larger affair than it should be. HELP!

Nevertheless, I’m trying to remain positive and remember that this isn’t an impossible goal. I want to lose, at minimum, 25 pounds this year. Twelve months to lose 25 pounds isn’t asking for a whole lot from myself. Especially when it would be a huge boost to my health and my energy, two things I like to think I take seriously.

So I’m going to start using my Pocket Yoga app a lot more (I paid $1.99 for it – time to get my money’s worth and then some) and my exercise bike at home (for which I paid a lot more than $1.99 – so I must get my money’s worth for that). And if I have to, I should probably start taking my reading to the gym, I can read after my intense workout and during my cool downs and lighter intensity cardio workout.

With the exception of dinner, I eat relatively healthy, it’s just a matter of getting serious, stop giving into being so damn lazy, and remember that I’m not punishing myself, I’m only trying to help myself. Which is really hard to remember after an 8-hour workday and a pile of reading/papers looming overhead.

I’ve been searching for other bloggers who go through this, or have gone through, and to no avail. If you have any favorite workaholic/health bloggers, please forward me to them. I need some advice and a little bit of inspiration!

What have you done to make health and exercise a priority without dropping the ball at work and/or at school?


2 thoughts on “The Fitness Diaries: Setbacks happen.

  1. If you spent less time tweeting, blogging and talking about improving your fitness and more time actually doing something you would see results. You can do it, just focus on improving yourself, not creating the illusion you are to the social media world. Good luck!

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