The time has come.

I needed a new look to the blog! I decided that I want to become a little more dedicated to writing more. It is one of my first loves after all. And I want to write about what I want to write about, in one simple place. I was originally going to create a whole other blog for my posts on contemporary American Indian issues, a place to put my views on community issues, politics, and the like, separate from any recipes or wedding talks.

But then I wondered – why?! Why am I going to do all of that, when these are things that are most important to me and clearly define aspects of my being? Yes – I love to cook and write about health-related stuff, but I have things I care deeply about. I want to share them with people.

Not to mention I was inspired today. People who read blogs are often looking for people they relate to. A health and fitness blogger that I follow, a woman out of Houston, TX, brought up the point today that there is very little diversity in the lifestyle blogosphere. Sorry if you fit this bill and take offense, but bloggers in this genre tend to be white, middle class women – there needs to be others represented!

So here I am. Taking my love of these things to the stand, as well as my issues with everything. Besides, I kind of like the idea that maybe, somewhere out there, someone might look at my blog and go, “look she’s Native and she isn’t some mythological brain child. She’s the real deal. And she’s really… human.” Because I am.

I’ll try not to get too political on here, because I understand just how volatile a place the internet can be for that kind of stuff, but it will be featured when I deem necessary.

And I’ll try to post often enough as I gather ideas. I’m almost always finding something I wish I could write about, but then I don’t. Like a bum. But bear with me, I’m a full-time professional and a full-time graduate student.

Shit gets busy.

I look forward to writing more about everything I enjoy or concern myself with.

Welcome to my soap box of sorts.



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