Valentine’s Recap

Let me start with this little story about how our one Valentine’s Day game came to a screeching halt.

Mark came up with the idea of a drinking game that would involve a bottle of wine (because liquor would be a bit much for a Thursday night), shot glasses, and reading love poetry we found on this website. The catch to this game was this: the first to laugh during a serious reading of teen, Shakespearian, or miscellaneous love poems had to take a shot.

If this were a liquor game, I would have died.

I do not take gushy love poems, especially of the teenage sort, seriously. My lips could not stop quivering while Mark read ever so gallantly and I think I drew blood, trying not to laugh (I am competitive like no one’s business). Tears broke. My lips were down my throat, but I made it and didn’t budge. Finally, it was my turn, and I couldn’t get through the first line without breaking out in hysteria. “Your lips drenched in red wine…”


That was the end of our drinking game. I couldn’t actually participate. So we each took our silly shot of wine, poured some in actual glasses, and had dinner. A fabulous dinner. Made from scratch, with love, from our two hands, and a lot little help from the prepared foods section of Wegmans.

After, we flipped through my free deck of City Dining Cocktail Cards and picked an Elmwood spot to go have drinks and further walk around the Village. A Nephew/James favorite. We landed on going to Acropolis (nice new bar area, by the way), and just talked. We watched as a group of three and another group of four women laughed and dined together at the bar. See? Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. It’s for loved ones. Take it in strides, people. It really is, in all seriousness, another day.

Our epic night out, where we painted the town red, ended promptly before 10pm, when we were in bed. We embody the old/young couple dichotomy in a single night.

And it didn’t end there. He, a much deeper sleeper than I (and crabbier one at waking up), heard my cries about how hard it is for me to wake up in the morning and workout. So, in his own special way, made it a mission to make sure I got up on time to do so.

Cue my 5:45 a.m wake up call to Rob Zombie’s Superbeast.

Well… he did it. Drifted back to sleep. And I took myself to the living room to workout. It really is sweet in only a way we would understand sweetness.


I hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day. Even (or especially) if it was with your parents, siblings, friends, or favorite pet(s).



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