The Valentine’s Edition

This is the thing to do. To remember the one’s we love. Because sometimes, life is taken for granted and we use days like today to make the concerted effort to show our love and gratitude.

Don’t get so bent out of shape if you don’t have a significant other! You have to have a loved one in your life. Enjoy them and let them know you love them, somehow!

The ones I love?

  • My main Valentine. Mr. M.C James Dos. The future Mr. Sam. A steadfast support system and giver of the best bear hugs. 
  • My sisters! My Hello Kitty obsessed sisters. Despite their obsession, I still love them. It’s a bond!
  • My kitties. For their purrs, their nuzzles when they desperately need attention, and for the laughs they give me when they yell at Mark for not paying enough attention. 
  • My friends. We don’t see each other enough as life has given us our individual obstacles, but I still think of you all when I think of who I love. You all know who you are.
  • My parents. A permanent fixture of love and inspiration in my heart. The original Valentines in my life. 

Tell someone you love them. It’s a good day to say it.

te amo!


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