A Wedding Update: In which a date has been set (tentatively)…


Photo taken on 2/10… so the days have shifted a bit since then ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s finally official (almost)! We have a tentative date of October 4, 2014!

Nothing has been officially signed, no t’s crossed and no i’s dotted, but the date for the events center at Seneca Allegany Hotel and Casino is open and blocked off for us!

We left the hotel with our options of what we could do (and for what prices) and we were floored!! I knew I loved the idea of having it at the Allegany Hotel, as opposed to the Niagara hotel, because for a fall wedding, the colors of the Allegany foothills are FAR superior to Niagara Falls. I might be biased because Niagara Falls is nothing new to me, but I really do love the reds, yellows, and oranges! I was in Allegany on October 1 of last year for a work thing, and the view is breathtaking. And it was still really warm! Windows down and breeze in your hair kind of warm. Absolutely perfect time of year! (Let’s just hope nothing catastrophic happens…!)

Google Image search brought me to this. A preview as to what Allegany looks like in early October!

Google Image search brought me to this. A preview as to what Allegany looks like in early October!

And it was largely between these two hotels because what better (and prettier) way to incorporate my Seneca heritage? Both hotels have incorporated elements of our heritage beautifully, seamlessly, and provide little educational bits about it all over the place. Not to mention that Seneca Allegany is actually on the greater Allegany territory, as opposed to that block in Niagara Falls. And this is excellent for my family, most of whom reside in Salamanca or surrounding areas. It’s a bit of a trek for Mark’s family, and our friends, but we’re hoping that a year and a a lot of change notice, they will find a way. The hotel is gorgeous to stay at, however, this is also a good opportunity for a fun campout at the State Park!

I’m still partial to the idea of a Jamaican easy-breezy wedding, however, since we’ve made the decision to stay here, I don’t know what more I could envision to make it more “us.” His family loves Allegany, my family loves Allegany (obviously), and our venue is an incredible deal for us penny-pinchers.

No real planning will be taking place for the rest of 2013. We just wanted to make sure we got our venue squared away before I spend the rest of this year working on my defense for my master’s degree.

Though, if you follow my Pinterest boards at all, you’ll see that I’m still clearly “researching” my options ๐Ÿ˜‰


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