Friday’s musings (slash brain dump)…

Brain dumps are fun. So let’s begin, shall we?

1. I had a really hard night last night. It really sunk in that my parents won’t be there for my wedding. And when I say “sunk in”, I mean I was ugly-face crying and trying desperately to de-puff my eyes. For the most part, dealing with the death of a loved one really, honestly gets easier with time. But these big moments? The truly special stuff? Last night, you would have thought they just died yesterday. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband-to-be who knows how to make me smile, laugh, and just how much rum needs to go in my drink. Friends, if you have a secret weapon in the no-smear makeup department, please let me know. Bride Sam will desperately need it.

2. In the not so sad department, this morning Mark got all gussied up because he had his first day at his contract job! He is probably one of the smartest people I know, and today, he looked like a college professor – so he was looking the part. I really dislike this whole art teacher situation in NY. Mark has held down so many education-related jobs and yet there is nothing  in terms of teaching in a school. A full-time, molding-of-the-minds position in art. Sure, he could teach a myriad of other things (he is a major history nerd and knows more about computers than anyone else I know), but his degree is in art. I wish I could start my own school just to give him the art teacher position because he’s great at it. I’ve seen his stuff. I mean it!

3. I’m about five weeks away from being almost half way done with grad school. I’m also five weeks away from being completely bogged down by ALL THINGS WORK AND SCHOOL. Seriously, I’m taking two five-week grad courses, at the same time. Go in the dictionary, look for academic masochist, and my picture should be there. It should also be next to the synonyms: overachiever and crazy.

4. Two members of the Seneca Nation of Indians made the Power 200 list from Buffalo Business First. President Barry Snyder and the President of the Smokin’ Joes Enterprise graced the list (a list that’s predominately white, old, male – but that’s another subject) and I’m proud. The CEO of the Seneca Gaming Corporation (non-Seneca) also made the list. This all makes for a great insight into the economic power the Nation really has. And to all the naysayers and the willfully ignorant, the Seneca Nation is an amazing entity, an amazing group of people, a proud and rich community, and I love being part of it.

5. Justin Timberlake is the new Creative Director for Bud Light Platinum. I feel like a lot of CD’s in the industry just shot a spit wad at their expensive college degrees. This is the end of my word vomit. Mostly because it’s more head-scratching than anything. Meh…

Enjoy your weekend, readers. I’ll be writing research reports and the like…



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