A Wedding Update: Something better than nothing…

On Sunday, we attended our first bridal show with some friends at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls. It was more underwhelming than overwhelming because I was pretty good about spotting what was absolutely unnecessary, ugly dresses, and bad (or uninteresting) photography.

Some of the stuff in there seemed passable, but it wasn’t really striking to me just yet. Except for the venue the bridal show took place.

We’ve added the Casino to the list of places to call and check out. As well as making it a point to look at the Tonawanda Castle and the (naturally) Seneca Allegany Casino and Hotel. I’m kind of hung up on the idea of getting married down on territory, where my family is, and just 20 minutes from where my parents are. I don’t know if it’s morbid or not, but I’d probably love being able to visit them before our ceremony.

Thankfully, no real headaches have come up yet. I mean, how could they? Nothing is even set in stone yet! Like I told my friend at brunch the other day, the only thing that’s finite is my “something blue,” which would be the sapphire ring I got from my parents for Christmas, the week before my Dad died.

And of course, who the groom is 😉

We also managed to go through and get a guest list really going. So far, his parents have contributed some time into making sure everyone we need from his side of the family is present. More exciting than that was actually talking wedding stuff with his parents. We’ve been engaged so long, after a while, it didn’t really feel like a wedding was anywhere near being talked about. Then this clearing, when next year we will have all the free time, and we can actually get married. I know tons of people get married before grad school (there’s some in my class who just got married recently). But I feel really good about waiting. It was right for me. And Mark gets what I thought I’d have, which is, waiting to get married when in the 30’s.

Seriously, in high school, I thought for sure I’d be the type that doesn’t get married well into the 30’s. I’ve beat myself by 5-10 years on that one!

That’s it for now. We have some ideas on what we’re doing and how we’ll do it. Real planning can’t begin until we have our place, but this is fun, too. And what was kind of cool hearing was this from our friend, “I can’t wait to see what you two come up with. It’ll definitely be a non-traditional because you two are so non-traditional.”

I don’t care to be conventional, so that made me smile 🙂


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