The Fitness Diaries: In which I take a step back…

[Cue major womp womp’s here]

So that whole turning my fitness routine into a diehard schedule in 21 days?

It’s like I was affected by a temporary amnesia because as soon as my grad school schedule took heed, it was exhausting!! Double-exclamation points don’t do it justice.

Really, when I get home from work, the first thing I do is make dinner. Take some time to decompress from the day. Then get right into the books until it’s about time to clean up and go to bed. And I do it like this because I’m not really someone who can go days just functioning on little-to-no-sleep when I have some serious brain-exercising to do.

Well… so it’s time to reassess how this is going to work. Because here’s the thing, I really want to drop a LOT of weight before the wedding. Not even just because I want that glowing look and to fit in a beautifully tailored gown (but I do), but because I want to get rid of this excess weight that’s been hanging around since I took on all that stress following Mom’s death.

I’m not talking becoming svelte and gallivanting around in a teeny bikini (I never have), but I’m talking about becoming a healthier me. A me that can run a 10K easy and feel comfortable in clothes. I want to be happy with myself, because right now, I’m not. It’s like this excess weight is a vestige of a really difficult time in my life and it’s time to resolve that issue.

Especially as I move into this next phase of my life.

So we’ve made some moves. We finally got an exercise bike for the house. Our old treadmill was too loud, too clunky, and not really wide enough for running… and who wants to walk in their own house? The bike is quiet and it’s small but not uncomfortably small, so it’s perfect and will hide in the corner. And best part? I can easily read for school sitting on that bike. Two birds, one stone.

I’ve also downloaded some necessary workout apps on my iPad. One of my favorite was the Pocket Yoga app! It’s a gem and I can’t wait to really feel the effects. I used to do yoga 2-3 times a week and felt amazing. Can. Not. Wait.

Small steps for now. And a lot of wishful thinking that these next classes won’t be as vigorous as the last four. However, this is grad school, and I should have known.

Here’s to shedding for the wedding!! (and the rest of my life, obviously.)


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