Wedding Decisions: Buffalo It Is!

So it’s probably happening, a wedding celebration for us, our friends, and family in Buffalo!

We received an offer that made it worthwhile to do something here, so here we will say “I do.”

Good thing I already got us tickets to the Buffalo Bridal Show! I’m taking two of my best friends (also engaged), my sister, and the groom-to-be, for an overwhelming morning of perusing vendors and taking notes on what’s available to us in the area. This small, appointed committee is in charge of making sure that we have a special, yet low-cost, affair.

And apparently, we’ve got to get the ball rolling faster than I anticipated!

There’s a specific vendor that I already know I want, because their quality is superb and it’s a “wedding must have” of mine. Even when we (read: I) was gunning for Jamaica, I knew that if a Buffalo wedding was in the cards, that this was the vendor to get. But they’ve already starting taking requests for 2014! Ack!

So perhaps waiting for December, after I’ve graduated and the extra work is behind me, isn’t the best idea. So, here’s to staying true to the overambitious moniker and adding “planning a wedding” to the list of what-I’m-up-to-these-days.  

Thankfully, I don’t think we have to do too much too far in advance. We just need to really sit down, figure out our guest list, and find a place that would fit our ideal small and intimate wedding. We also already know we don’t want a church wedding, as neither of us are even remotely religious, and we want an outdoor, breezy fall wedding. So we might start out with vineyards and pumpkin farms. Some of the less kitschy pumpkin farms have really pretty venues for weddings and besides… pumpkins! Fall wedding! Makes sense to me.

We’ve already looked at wedding bands, because jewelers are all over the mall and it’s the only place to walk in this frigid weather, and we think we know what we’re looking for. I want to check out some vintage jewelers before deciding because I don’t like big and blingy so I want to find something more subdued or unique.

This whole thing makes me miss my mom so much more than usual. I feel like her input and guidance would be useful and appreciated. However, I will put my smile on, stick it out with my committee, and just think of the family that I’m starting!

Wish me luck!


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