The Fitness Diaries: In Which I Declare…

I don’t want this to sound like the blog post of a Resolutionary (someone who gets on a fitness kick for three weeks following the New Year to lose weight, only to be in the exact same position a year later) but I’m so hell-bent on finally getting to some of my fitness goals. For far too long, I’ve been allowing myself to slip through the cracks because of excuses.

I’m being real here. Over the last two months, I allowed myself to get out of the routine gym habit because I didn’t want to tear myself away from my school books. And I found perusing Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram an easier alternative to studying {read: study break} (and easier since I didn’t have to factor in travel time to the gym).

I always knew that was a lousy excuse for not getting some exercise in, but it was easy and I was mentally drained from a whirlwind end-of-semester.

Then we approached the end-of-semester, which quickly transitioned into holiday fiestas {read: Happy Hours/wine}. And I indulged. Because I’m a sucker who likened a glass of wine as being deserved simply for having done all that mental gymnastics to get to the end of the semester. Man am I a sucker for a glass of pinot!

Then immediately after the holidays, I went on vacation. And how can you not indulge in churros con chocolate and sangria in Spain? Blasphemy. I came home three pounds lighter since the immense amount of walking (and sickness) counteracted the chocolate and sangria.

… And now I’m back in full swing (still not a full health though, which is annoying) with school and work. And I don’t want to see the numbers on scale reach any higher. And at no single moment in 2013, do I want to feel like a stuffed sausage.

I don’t need to be a waif, that’s not in the cards for my body type, but I do need to be healthier. For my heart and for my future.

Short term goals?

1. Feel more energized.

2. Get blood pressure to its absolute best. (I always come in at normal, but I know there’s room for improvement)

3. I pay $30/mo at the BAC. Time to feel like it’s worth my money.

4. Get to a comfortable level again before I start wedding dress shopping. I assume this will come closer to the end of the year, so 12 months is plenty of time 🙂

Long term goals?

1. Make my doctor impressed with how good my vitals look. Seriously, I am understandably obsessed with heart health. I want mine to be superb!

2. I want to be in a good position, weight wise, when we decide to start having kids. I don’t want to worry about losing baby weight in the future. I want to establish a healthy lifestyle so that it comes almost naturally. (All obstacles will be met when the time comes.)

3. See how far I can push my limits. I’m not scared to see some muscle definition in my legs and arms, therefore, I will see how much I can lift, press, and bench. I’m already at 300 pounds on the leg press. I once got to 110 pounds benched. I want to make my way back to that.

4. Half-marathon! I finished my first 8K (Turkey Trot, Buffalo) at 1:04 in November. I don’t know if I’ll be half-marathon ready in 2013, but I don’t mind setting goals for 2014.

Seems simple enough. Time to get on it.

Seems simple enough. Time to get on it.

OK. Time to stop talking about it. Time to just do it. How?

  • Flushing out my system of the toxins (a la Saving Sarah Marshall) and giving up alcohol until at least Valentine’s Day. There’s a bottle of red wine from Spain with our names on it for that day! After that, we’re back to the moderation is key mentality! I don’t want to keep drinking my calories. That also includes those harsh chemical creamers in my coffee. And I can really get used to this honey in my tea business. I only picked it up as a way to get better, but it’s actually amazing! 
  • Cooking my favorite foods. Seriously, laziness and a desire for comfort foods really hit my wallet hard in December. We’re going back to date night out being a sporadic thing. In the meantime, I’ll take to cooking seafood at home. Wish me luck!
  • As I begin to see which foods I like best, paired with establishing a workout routine, I’ll count calories using MyFitnessPal. Hopefully, after a while, I won’t have to use it anymore! Clean eating, here I come.
  • Using the money I save on wine purchases to  pay for some personal training sessions next month! Mike at the BAC used to kick my ass and his routines stuck with me for a LONG time (back when I got to my lightest in nearly three years!).
  • Drink more water. Every day. No excuses.


Even if not a single soul cares about my fitness/health/workouts/freak outs, I think I’ll keep track of my progress as we go along. And use Foursquare to make sure I’m checking in at the gym at least once a week (last year, I went 35 weeks without missing a check-in! Going for more this year).

Let’s do this.



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