The Road to “I Do”

It’s finally happening!

A little over two and a half years of engagement and we’re actually talking wedding planning! Not just hypothetical speak, but actual “this is what we should do…” talk. After I graduate in December, we’re free of any looming restrictions. And I feel 100% comfortable with being married after the completion of my master’s degree and being near 25 years old. I know age is just a number… but I really didn’t want to be married too young. And 25 is still young, but it’s not 21 years young. I wanted to avoid looking like a baby doll playing dress up. I think near-25 is a good age. Just my opinion…

I keep saying near-25 because we’re looking at a possible early October, end of September 2014 date. Nothing official, but we both like the fall color schemes that arise from a date in that time frame, plus fall foliage (no-brainer!). It would be especially meaningful to me since my parents had an October wedding back in their day. They won’t physically be there so I’m looking to include them in as much as possible.

I can't be certain, because there is no budget set just yet, but I'm pretty sure this gorgeous Vera Wang dress might be a bit too much for me. But it's pretty!

I can’t be certain, because there is no budget set just yet, but I’m pretty sure this gorgeous Vera Wang dress might be a bit too much for me. But it’s pretty!

We began talking wedding details over brunch on Sunday (seems perfectly fitting to start planning over mimosas, no?) and we’re sorting out the guest list detail. We figure it’s a good starting point so that we can find a suitable location. We’ll probably start that search over the summer so that we’re not frantically looking next January when I really get a lot of free time back. I’m sure I’ll be in grad-school-zombie-defense-writing mode most of this year, so we’re going to start with little things, even if we’re a year and three-quarters from our proposed date.

My proposition to have a destination wedding in Jamaica (or Bahamas, I’m not picky) has been refuted for over a year, time and time again. So it looks like we’ll be doing the whole Buffalo thing, which more expensive than I’d care for, will be fun with our friends and families in attendance I’m sure. But this means I’m not doing it alone, so Mark and I are tag teaming on responsibilities and carrying our fair share of the planning. I warned him not to let me do it alone, because one day he’d find himself on a plane to Jamaica where we’d get married. Poor guy, he has a fiance who is 100% willing to elope and make it so casual and easy. Instead, he had to struggle to get her to have a hometown soiree that will involve a lot of effort on his part. Really, poor guy.

Back to the Pinterest board for inspiration! We’ll see what other kind of ideas we get after our first official wedding outing, next month, at the Bridal Expo at the Seneca Niagara Casino!

The fate Mark.

The fate of Mark.


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