Hello 2013!

HELLO 2013!

I’ve been jet-setting and getting over illnesses and smothering my kitties with love ever since I’ve been home. I can’t believe it’s 2013!

I graduate with my master’s degree this year! I travel! I’ve already gotten a great head start on a little savings account for a 2014 wedding! I turn 24, which happens to be the last year of “adolescence” according to science-type people. It’s true! I’ve heard that you’re mentally and physically and adolescent until 25, which explains a lot imo.

Anyway. Spain was amazing. It was SO incredibly beautiful with a lot of great history to it. I toured cathedrals and mosques, and even a mosque with a cathedral built inside! I finally saw the Parc Guell and witnessed Antoni Gaudi’s amazing architecture in real life. La Sagrada Familia is an incredibly beautiful church and it’s not even done being built. They say it has another 30-200 years left (finances providing).

The Mezquita mosque in Cordoba. Originally home to 20,000 praying Muslims before Christians took over and built a cathedral right in the middle of it. How rude.

The Mezquita mosque in Cordoba. Originally home to 20,000 praying Muslims before Christians took over and built a cathedral right in the middle of it. How rude.

I ate tapas, I drank cava, red wines, and hot delicious European coffee, saw an authentic flamenco show, and went to an FC Barcelona soccer match! I unfortunately didn’t do a lot in the way of a discotech! I got a little bug on New Years Eve that transcended the entire visit, with an episode of the early flu one night, that I didn’t really want to make worse by going out at night. I still had fun but I don’t really have anything to say about the Spanish nightlife. C’est la vie.

Morocco was amazing, too. It was a lot colder than I thought it would be. We figured, “Hey, it’s Africa, of course it’ll be warm.” Wrong. So wrong. I froze a great deal of the time. But I did get my long-awaited tapestry that I haggled from 250 Euro to 80 Euro. But it was most certainly a learning experience. Also, couscous is amazing. And the city that we visited, Tetuan, somehow manages to have the three major religions, Islam, Christianity, and Jewish, live harmoniously. Gee, America. Let’s get on it. If Tetuan can do it. So can you.

Couscous, shish kabob, soup. Mmmm...

Couscous, shish kabob, soup. Mmmm…

This trip certainly threw me a few loops! On top of being sick the whole time, I did get my wallet stolen on New Year’s Eve. When you’re a bar hopping, 20-something in one of the biggest cities in Europe on one of the biggest nights of the year, you’re a walking target for pickpocketing. So it goes. And I’ve learned my lesson. Mainly, don’t carry everything on you! Face palm of 2012.

Also, I spent a lot of time eye rolling in Spain. Especially in Seville. Because they really like the fact that Christopher Columbus was buried there. And they loved him for his “discovery” of America. Because my ancestors needed to be discovered. Heathens. (-.-) [FYI: My tour guide agreed that Columbus was an idiot.]

I started out the new year in a new city, on an entirely different continent, and I never want to do that again. I’m glad I did it, but never again. I’ve got my little family here. I want to be with them.

So now that I’m home… now what?

It’s time to get the ball rolling for what will be a fast, stressful, and awesome year. Like I said, I get my master’s degree (the first in my family!), I (may or may not, it’s TBD) travel to China, and continue to live happily with my family. And we finally get some hockey around here!

Happy 2013! May it be as hard as it needs to be, as long as the rewards are exactly what I’m looking for 🙂


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