Some of My Favorite Things [2012]: Lessons

1. Classical music is actually very calming, very intelligent, and very conducive to study efforts.

2. In a lot of respects, I don’t know my own limits. Time to start gaining some understanding of these limits.

3. I am not Superwoman. I have signed myself up for another year of acting like it, but I’m not.

4. Grad school/work full-time is hard. Really hard. But I don’t have kids and scary mortgages and other adult things to worry about just yet. My story is nothing out of the ordinary. I need to suck it up and keep reading.

5. I understand, now, my hesitancy for an actual wedding. I need to work on that.

6. I make too much of a concerted effort for others who do not reciprocate or acknowledge it. Hopefully I can begin to not do this.

7. I am much too trusting, believe it or not. And I tend to give the benefit of the doubt… a lot. Unless it’s Mark. Then I’m just contrarian because it’s fun to watch him get frustrated. Fun for me, not for him. Can you believe I can say that and he still loves me unconditionally? 😉

8. I’m allowed to just be 23. I matured a wee bit faster than some because of my peculiar circumstances and I can’t always shake that heightened sense of adulthood I’ve felt I’ve had since I was 19. I think I needed this break in between semesters to really get to that feeling of being my age. I need to do it a little more often.

9. I am a Nephew woman. That means that I’ve been engrained with the “You don’t tell me what to do. I do what I want, when I want,” mentality. Sometimes, I have to remember that loved ones are advising me against something because it really isn’t the best idea.

10. Sometimes, trying to educate those with beliefs that are polar opposite is futile. People will steadfastly hold to their beliefs even when the merit of those beliefs are justly questioned. Like my mother used to say, I just have to learn to pick my battles.



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