Some of My Favorite Things [2012]: Accomplishments

Accomplishments come in various sizes. For me, a lot of things I consider accomplishments are things that aid in my overall goals, short-term goal realizations, or simply, I proved that I could do something.

I think it’s important to take a look back and see what one has accomplished if they wish to move forward and see what they can strive to accomplish next. Here are some of my accomplishments, both big and small.

1. Graduate school. No less than nine months after graduating from Buffalo State, I began my graduate track in Integrated Marketing Communication at Saint Bonaventure. I was also awarded the Dean’s Scholarship from SBU and the Seneca Nation Professional’s Scholarship, both of which have granted me the opportunity to move forward in my education with very limited debt. Believe me, I’m marrying someone who has a boat load of education debt and I have many, many friends who are working toward paying off education debt on their own. This is NOT something I take for granted. I am extremely fortunate.

2. Work. Even though the six months from the time I graduated to the time I got my full-time internship (which turned into my full-time job) seemed like forever, it really wasn’t. I whined and complained because I was so certain that I’d be working full-time from the moment I graduated. No, it’ didn’t work out that way. But I did have a couple of great jobs, some freelance work, and a little bit more time than I do now to workout. My job now is incredible, and I work for an industry that means a lot to me.

3. Traveling! Oh you know, I went to Costa Rica in May where I zip-lined, ate churros, drank premium Central American rums, danced in tropical rain storms, kayaked, and hiked to the point of near exhaustion (hence all the rum, one must carb after all that working out, no?).  Oh yeah, not to mention that I’ll be closing out my year in one of the biggest cities in all of Europe. Oh yeah, and taking that opportunity to travel to China with school (which I can finally cross “study abroad” off my life’s bucket list!! Eeek!!).

4. Choosing your battles. Man oh man can I be pretty damn stubborn. I am most certainly Art and Zenna Nephew’s daughter when it comes to the art of doing what i want, proving my point, and getting what I want. Sometimes, this proves to be disadvantageous and I’m learning little by little how to control this. As my Mom always said, she was always stubborn herself, but as she got older, she got tired of being so. So she began to choose her battles wisely. Save that stubborn energy for things that matter, not for trying to get a minute point across.

5. Becoming more proactive. This is true in a lot of cases, but the part of my life where I’ve seen this improve ten-fold is in the realm of Indian Country. My whole life there has been a number of books on the topic in the house but it’s taken 22/23 years to really get into the history, the laws, and contemporary issues. Learning more about the history has also made me that much prouder of my heritage and definitely more critical of policy making and government. I’ve been snooping around PhD programs lately… let’s just say my heightened interest has sparked this.

I hope next year comes with more opportunity to pursue more and become a fuller person. I’ll do my part, I’m just hoping for a little luck. Not just for me, but for my family.

What have you accomplished next year? Anything make you want to strive for more in the coming year?


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