The one where I consider law school…


I am perpetually seeking punishment. I am sure of this.

After stressing for nearly TWO whole weeks on a written campaign for my Integrated Marketing Communications class, I am looking at another program in the future. I’m a year away from fulfilling my requirements for a master’s degree, and I’m already hungry for more.

This past Monday was our company holiday party and I had the opportunity to speak with quite a few people who are on the higher up of Seneca governance and business. One in particular was a professor of law at a prestigious school, and his lesson/lecture to me sounded like one straight out of a college classroom. I was intrigued and incredibly mentally stimulated. As a former practicing lawyer, this guy knew his stuff. And I was keeping up in conversation. Maybe not to the best possible extent, but I was asking the questions that I needed answered.

Since then, when I take breaks from creating my IMC plan, if I’m not perusing the Twitterverse (and keeping up with Indian Country/#idlenomore) I’m staring at the Cornell University Law program.

Just for background, I’ve been enrolled at Cornell before. I’ve met amazing people who have done amazing things. I wish I could do it again. And I’ve always said (since my short 5 years since high school) that if I were to go for an advanced degree, I’d do it at Cornell. Unfortunately, you don’t really go to an Ivy League (unless you have money, a lot of money) for an advanced marketing degree. But since this inkling of law school has come up, I’ve been thinking of The Slope, the libraries, and of course, Collegetown Bagels, ever since.

(I’ve already told Mark that our babies’ cribs will be donned with Cornell University apparel. If I can’t go, my offspring surely will.)

One of my main goals is to be able to make life better in Indian Country. I feel like being able to better navigate these manmade laws, such intricate things, could help. I don’t need to practice it, so much as I need to understand it. I’m a communicator at heart. See where I’m going with that?

I feel like a background in American Indian law/marketing would be beneficial for when I finally become Dr. Sam Nephew, PhD in American Indian Studies.

So many details to hash out. What’s possible and what’s not? What can I handle now and later?

I have a lot more thinking to do. But more importantly, I have a lot more thinking on my current assignment. I am most definitely graduating from St. Bonaventure with my IMC degree, so I need to make the most of it.

To the campaign book!


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