Mind, Soul, and…. What’s the third one?

I was just reading a friend’s blog about her dissatisfaction with her body post-keeping-the-human-race-going and it really made me refocus, even if just for an hour, the work I have been ignoring on my end.

Over the summer, I was an avid gym goer and I loved every minute I was there. I started taking 6am classes with my friend after she gave birth to her baby and it was the best. I genuinely did find myself energized throughout the day (give or take a cup of coffee by 2… just to keep things moving along). And I felt much better than I do now.

But now? My last major workout was last Sunday where I spent an hour on the elliptical reading a book. To be fair, I’m just getting over a pulled muscle in my foot which kind of limited my normal routine. But it’s not an excuse.

I get so tired after a day at work and then spending hours going through reading material and writing plans for my graduate program. Truthfully, when I am at the gym, I start feeling guilty that I’m there and not going-going-going on something that’s due. I tried to null and void that feeling by reading the Steve Jobs biography on Sunday… it didn’t help. (Side note: I am really excited to get through that book though. Fascinating man.)

And… we all know a healthy body isn’t made purely by sit ups and cardio blasts. No, the food and drink contribute. And to be honest, as much as a food lover I claim to be, I haven’t been paying much mind to what I’ve been putting down my pie hole. And I’ll be honest some more, I am a notorious stress eater. Dad died? Here’s 20 lbs. Mom died? Here’s another 10. Undergraduate work/working for real/interning/paying bills as an adult suddenly & unexpectedly? Here’s another 10. Graduate school? Adult onset diabetes.

Ok, I’m not nearly that bad, but my exaggeration was meant to highlight the fact that I need to stop putting too much on my plate (literally and figuratively). Thankfully, after graduate school, that’s one of my biggest goals. I can’t be SuperSam to this extent all the time. If I stretch myself  too thin the rest of my life, the rest of my life might not be long.

Someday, hopefully sooner rather than later, I learn to balance this whole body, mind, and soul thing a bit better. Between you and I, I don’t want to be brainiac extraordinaire if it means I’m only comfortable in a pair of yoga pants. And I use ‘comfortable’ loosely there.

C’est la vie. I know I want to change. I just have to do it…

And let’s just say, winter break starts on the 15th at around 2pm. The desk people at the BAC will be sick of me by the time I leave for Spain on the 29th.


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