Wedding Update: Still nothing – but we’re finally talking about it!

There are some complicated reasonings behind being unable to firmly, hands-down say that we’re having a ceremony for some of our favorites, and I won’t get into it here, but the reasons are kind of dissolving.

I still have days where I beg for us to elope to Jamaica. Anyone can come if they can afford it. Guess it’s not really eloping if we invite people along, is it?

But more and more often, I’m opening up to the idea of a small ceremony here for our immediate families and closest friends. I think if we really get iron clad about it, we can keep it down to under 50 people. It kind of stings not to be able to invite some people, but c’mon people, I’m paying for most of this. I can’t.

May 2013, when I come back from China, I plan to keep any major travel plans at bay for a while. In fact, I should probably make sure the first trip after China… be with my husband. Cripes.

Putting my severe need to travel at bay for a little while should free up some cash for us to have a beautiful little event. And we’re certainly not getting married until after I graduate next December, so we’ll have plenty of time to save. Plus that’ll mean I’ll be closer to 25 when I finally do get married, which kind of makes me really happy. I meant it when I proposed in 2010, but being married at 25 makes so much more sense to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with those of you who get married young(er)… but when I graduated high school, I thought for sure I’d be single well into my 30’s. Wouldn’t you know, I’m engaged to my college sweetheart.

I’ve already looked into some dresses. I’ve cackled at the Bridezilla’s who pay more than $1K for dresses on Say Yes to the Dress. (Someone paid $31,000 on the episode I watched last night. Are you F-ing kidding me??)

Mark and I discussed suit vs tux. Bridal party (hint: we will probably go without one). The fact that if I do get a dress less than $500, I am totally drinking red wine without any hesitation. We talked about color schemes, seating charts (I’m against, he’s for. If we’re looking at less than 50 people, I don’t see a need for one.)

But it’s all just that. It’s talk. We’re allowing me time to complete my master’s degree first and to finish out some traveling endeavors. But talking is fun… and pinning on Pinterest is, too. (Check out my fantasy Pinterest board and my reality Pinterest board for weddings!)

Only a few things are certain.

  • My something blue is my sapphire ring from my parents. The last present I got from both of them, on Christmas, the week before my father passed away. 
  • We are having something in memory of those who can’t be there. I like the seats idea, where we place a picture of them on one or two seats in the crowd. We would have seats for  his Grandfather who has passed, and obviously, my Mom and Dad.
  • Who I want as our photographer.
  • I will write a funny program like this one.
  • This is not a religious ceremony because it wouldn’t really make sense for us to have one.
  • Even if we wait another 4-5 years, we are no less in love. We like flow, so we go with it.

I’m down for suggestions on having cheap weddings in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding areas. I’m all about DIY. I may also need a lesson or two in social etiquette on how to tell someone who might expect to be invited, that they aren’t. Because, honestly, have you met me? I don’t want to have to make someone feel bad that they’re not invited.

The next time I talk about this, I might be back on the whole Jamaica kick. But it should probably ignored. Clearly, Mr. James is not going for it.

// Extra special congratulations goes out to my best friend! Ms. Natalie Correa got engaged to be married to her boyfriend of three years the day after Thanksgiving. Now we both have our own old ball and chain(s).


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