An Announcement

Note: This didn’t seem to post on the original date I intended it to. Therefore, it’s being posted on 11/30 – well after I meant for it to happen. Oh well. //


I’m moving some things around, in terms of my blog. I still want to occasionally post about my life, the goings-on, and my ideas, but I’ve recently gained a following and some interest in reading specifically on my take on issues in Indian Country. So I’m going to split the two so that people who are genuinely interested in Indian Country can read without also being bombarded by my Christmas thoughts or my Spanish fiesta, et cetera…

The blog is tentatively named The Nephew Network for lack of any creativity. I have yet to put more effort into it beyond “It should happen.” I’m thinking once the semester is over, I can mosey on over there and really put some work into it.

I like that I have been given so much feedback for my thoughts and my apparent passion for issues in Indian Country. It’s not a ruse. I am devoted to bringing these issues to attention and, hopefully, working with others to creating solutions.

In the meantime, I hope some will continue to enjoy Samantha Unscripted, the ramblings of a young professional who is determined to be the CEO of the world. And to accomplish every recipe on her Pinterest board. And eventually get married… finally.


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