Giving Thanks – More Than Enough

Today I was perusing the DSW site where I was looking to get my paws on a new pair of riding boots. As I was looking at the ones I fancied (go figured – they were the $60+ ones), I began to feel a little bad about it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’re supposed to be thankful for what we have in our lives. I’ve only recently began working full-time and even though I’m still relatively on the outs, I have so much more than I even had a year ago. I felt that it’s time to share before it’s time to buy. I think it stems from being the middle child, I was always sharing.

I’ve had my share of heart break and a bit of bad luck in my life. But it doesn’t keep me clouded from what’s awesome.

1. Mark. What a heart of gold, that one. He is the Type B to my Type A personality. He helps keep my feet on the ground while my head’s in the clouds. He’s also really good at bringing me up when I’m at my lowest. He’s the ultimate Sam Handler, because let’s get serious, I get a little cray.

2. Job. I was able to find work at an institution that culminates everything important to me. I’m working with the Seneca Nation and by extension, with all of Indian Country.

3. Family. “My family is small and broken. But it’s good. Yeah, it’s good.”

4. Social Media. Yes. I am incredibly thankful for this platform for so many reasons. I have found ways to pitch in a bit here and there. I have stayed connected with many good friends. I have been able to educate and influence people on the significance of issues in Indian Country.

5. School. Clearly, I am an advocate for education, especially for the poor and minorities. You could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I have been granted the opportunity to pursue an education that surpasses the opportunities granted my own parents.

6. The World. I’ve seen so much and I’m not even done. It started out with going to France in the hopes to get a cool picture in front of the Eiffel Tower to make my Dad smile. There’s no telling when it’ll end!

I have plenty of good in my life. There’s some more that I could use to make things easier or more efficient, but I’m so much better off than I was a year ago. For that, I can be thankful.

So instead of buying these awesome boots (maybe I’ll get myself a post-semester present after the spring semester), I decided to somehow find a way to help others. I thought  a cool way to do that would be to purchase a shirt from You And Who, a local t-shirt shop who charges a bit extra on their shirts, but the extra money is a donation that goes to a local organization. And since it was Thanksgiving that lead me to think about doing this, I went ahead and sent my donation money to Friends of the Night People, a local food shelter that I know for a fact does amazing work to feed those in need. I’ve been there for a meal myself in my life, and what a wonderful place for people who need it.

As for the shirt, as wonderful as it would be to don it myself, I kind of want to turn it into more. I’m hoping to be able to use the shirt to raffle off for $15 so it can go to another wonderful charity. Or maybe someone can get it right from me by sending a $15 check to whichever charity I deem fit. I might save that for nearer to Christmas time.

Screen shot of the Shirt I Bought from You and Who

It’s not much but I’m offering what I can. I’ll make sure to update next month!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you remember to do something for someone who might not have nearly as much to be thankful for. I know I have more than enough to be thankful for.


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