When 20,000 Thank You’s Aren’t Enough

This is what I mean by having a strong community. A strong pillar of support for people when they want to reach their goals. I am lucky.

I am so incredibly lucky and so, so, so fortunately placed, to have this opportunity.



Normally, I’d be a little hesitant to share these kinds of numbers, for any reason. But holy mother f@#king sh!*.

There is no way in hell I could afford this on my own. I was willing to take loans. Oh so hesitantly, was I willing to take loans. But $20K is a lot of money. Anyone with any kind of educational debt can understand, and for a lot of people, it’s that very understanding that keeps people from advancing their degrees.

I am so incredibly thankful to have a community like the Seneca Nation having my back. Sure, I have to deal with a little of this…

Ass baring jeans that has beading that looks similar to the Two-Row and Hiawatha Wampum belts, very sacred meaning to the Haudenoshaunee people. But who knows, Urban Outfitters would deny (or would they?) selling Indigenous ideas for a profit.

But that’s okay. That’s why it’s such a perfect fit to have done media studies and will eventually go on to marry American Indian studies with that.


So there it is. The Seneca Professional Scholarship which awards $20,000 for each year of studies.

My parents would have never been able to afford to help me to school. I hate that excuse, the one that says “your parents should pay for school.” No, my parents came from poverty and built their way up as much as they could. Supporting the essentials and paying for school? Not an option. This takes me back to sophomore year of high school when my Mom would say, “Work hard and get into a good school. But you have to work hard and get a lot of scholarships, because just so you know, your father and I aren’t helping you.”

Now, as an adult, I see it wasn’t just that they wouldn’t. They feasibly couldn’t. C’est la vie. I hope they’re proud of me 😉

The biggest stipulation of receiving this award is being required to work for the Seneca Nation in the field of your studies.

Yeah… I’m already the Marketing/Communications Specialist for Seneca Holdings, the investment arm of the Seneca Nation of Indians. I’m solid..

I am so relieved tonight. This scholarship was the last bit I needed for grad school to be completely paid for. That’s right. paid for. Between the Dean’s Scholarship from SBU and this… I’m set. I really, really do not mean to gloat in front of people who face a mountain of debt, and I promise that I feel for you. I do. But I understand your stories and I understand the strife that comes with it. And I am not missing the fortune that I have by accepting this scholarship. Believe me, I do not take this in vain!

I wasn’t feeling well when I got home from work, and I’m still not feeling well, but this was a relief. This was one hell of a relief.

I cannot believe I will graduate from St. Bonaventure University with a master’s degree, debt-free.

I am in awe. I am forever thankful to the Seneca Nation.


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