The Problem with Columbus Day

Today was eerily easy in terms of getting to work. That’s because the majority of people, it seemed like, got the day off for Columbus Day. Not us here at Seneca Holdings. It wouldn’t be all that appropriate, in my opinion, if we did take the “holiday.” However, a friend noted that we should take the day off for bereavement next year. I’ll bring that up to the boss next year, haha.

The problem I’m noticing is that people are still referring to this as a holiday. As though CC’s “discovery” wasn’t the foundation to an attempt at genocide. Columbus Day is not a holiday. Like my future father-in-law once said sarcastically, “You guys were lucky because you needed to be discovered.” He did his very best eyeroll at the end of this statement which made me really happy. You can be proud to be an American while still acknowledging that this country hasn’t always been right and isn’t perfect. Those are my favorite Americans.

Hats off to all those who recognize why I have problems with days like this. Hats off to those who understand without knowing me or my passions.

Christopher Columbus isn’t really someone we should be looking up to. I’ll leave you with my favorite internet meme and my favorite video “Reconsider Columbus Day.”



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