Growing Pains

Speaking like a true post-adolescent, I can honestly say I am feeling the sting of growing pains. Not in the traditional sense, where my legs ache because I shot up 4 inches in a month (that was a suck time in 7th grade. Who really grows to be 5’7 in middle school?)

No, my growing pains are coming at a more emotionally and intellectually charged level. To put simply, for as much reality as I’ve had to deal with in the last four years, I’m now just coming to grips with actual-what-everyone-goes-through reality. The 9-5 work day and grad school are really putting my stamina and intellectual prowess to work. Not to mention trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and finding time to get in a full-workout. I miss my 60-75 minute workouts, so much! So THATS what they meant when they told me to enjoy that period of time when I may have had to work two jobs to make ends meet, but if I wanted to nap at 2pm, I could, or if I wanted to workout for an hour, I could.

It’s a balancing act of sorts, that’s for sure. I’m trying not to get weepy about it, because weeping sucks, and because there are folks in my cohort who also balance work, school, and families. We’re in it together so that makes it so much easier to push through. I’ve already gotten an A- in my first class and I’m starting my second tonight. I just have to remember to take it one day at a time. I’ve been through so much in my short life, I can handle a few more months of doing what I love, even if it takes away from other things I love. In the end, I’m doing what I love and what I need to do to becoming a whole person.

I do miss sitting back and reading about American Indian history, current politics, psychology, or even the latest issue of STAR magazine (yep!) without worrying about making sure I’ve thoroughly understood some corporate strategy or communications mix strategy. As with anything in school, there’s the 90% of the stuff that you learn, and that you love. Then there’s the 10% of stuff, where not its crap, it is very dry but necessary, you just kind of chug an espresso and make yourself understand. Mind over matter!

On December 16, 2013, I want to just revel in everything. As of now, my biggest goal that requires a lot of concerted effort to complete, was schooling. I’ve always known that getting a Master’s degree was the minimum and it was something that just had to be done. It was sold to me by my Mom & Dad whose biggest piece of advice to me in this area was: “An education is what will protect you and it is the only thing in the world no one can take from you.”

Time to wrap this up, finish up some work, and take myself to be introduced to my next five-week whirlwind of part intellectual stimulation and becoming a regular at Cafe Aroma! (Medium coffee, double shot espresso, two sweetener, no milk.) Do work.


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