Giving back…

I don’t know how much blogging I’m going to be able to do moving forward, but I am certainly excited about the opportunities at hand. Chiefly, I’m excited about being brought on full-time at Seneca Holdings! Since no one here is fussy about titles, I was given the job of Marketing/Communications Specialist for the company and I’ll be overseeing all community and marketing functions of Seneca Holdings and subsidiaries. I’m stoked about this position for quiet a few reasons, and I feel so lucky to say that income isn’t the greatest reason of all. (Though it’s nice only having to hold one job now.)

The mission of Seneca Holdings caught my eye from day one. It is to diversify the economy of the Seneca Nation of Indians. I’m hooked. I’ve known for some time now that somehow I would want to give back to the Seneca Nation. I come from a very fortunate group of American Indians and I’ve reaped a lot of benefits from our standing and strength. In one way or another, I’ve always felt taken care of by our Nation. I intend to give back to it. Through a series of connections, I finally found this past internship that turned into my current position.

As my Mom told me once when I was younger, that if I ever found myself on the outs and needed a home, there was always a place in Cattaraugus/Allegany. I found in my experience that her saying meant that the Nation really takes care of its own. I have felt that. I appreciate that. I only hope to continue it.

It’s just been in the last four to five years that I’ve really become immersed in our unique positioning and reaching out to learn more about the Seneca Nation, the Haundeoshaunee, and other Native nations across the country. At that same time, I fell in love with the major I had chosen at Buffalo State. I feel very lucky, in my parental guidance growing up and intuition, that I picked something I could use for the benefit of the Seneca Nation. I can’t remember who, but I was once asked, almost condescendingly, how I planned to use my background in Communications in “helping the Seneca Nation.” 

Well… here I am!

I have the opportunity to use my degree  in a professional setting that has the potential to help a larger group of people. I’m more fortunate than most and I won’t take advantage of it.

I’m looking forward to the opportunities coming up and even the challenges I face. This job came at the perfect time because now anything I learn in graduate school can be implemented almost immediately.

This is just the beginning.


Banner from Holdings’ website. “Investing in the Seventh Generation.” I am lucky to be part of this mission.


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