Dealing with a “Face Plant” Day

Hello transitional period!

As a recent graduate, I am dealing with a seemingly ever-elusive job hunt, bills, and waltzing right into graduate school. All the while, I’m trying to have some semblance of a personal life (with much thanks to the most patient and understanding fiance a girl could wish for).

But today was one of those days. A “face plant” day if you will. That’s what it mostly felt like, anyway.

I should be starting graduate school in about three weeks and I’ve seen my remaining balance on this coming semester. Holy F&^%* S*#@, I can see how that builds up. It’s not like I wasn’t aware of the cost of graduate school before going in, but when actual numbers are applied next to your name- cue panic attack! I’m scrounging up some scholarship information, and hopefully, after an ill-fated screw up/mass emailing/trying to fend of ramifications of said screw up, I won’t be slammed with student loan bills.

Thank goodness I have the power to calm myself down, which ultimately leads to a good sense of problem-solving skills.

How did I calm myself down? There are some techniques I’ve learned, that hopefully, you can use, too. My situation isn’t nearly as stressful as some, but maybe my tips can help? As I’ve said, I’m only here to help.

  1. Take a moment to go cry in the bathroom. Really, I did this today. I walked past everyone without saying a word and directly into the bathroom (where I mostly have it to myself, I think we’re the only company on this floor). I took a minute to breathe heavily and then calm myself down. Wiped away some tears and then waited until my eyes turned back to a semi-normal color. Red eyes are a dead give away of having been crying. Or of other things, too, I guess. But that wasn’t my case. I promise!
  2. If you’re not a big baby like I am, I find that listening to music is such a good way to lighten the mood. In particular, I tend to listen to Native music, especially by that of Bill Crouse. The beat of the drum and the melody of the lyrics are especially calming to me. And when I think of the dancing that’s supposed to accompany the music, I forget about my problems for just a little while, because they are just that mesmerizing to me.
  3. The Humor board on Pinterest. I generally find so many hysterical memes on Pinterest, it brightens my day instantly. Not to mention fluffy pictures of dogs/cats, Condescending Wonka actually saying something worthwhile, and Autocorrect snapshots. There are some pins you can’t help but smile at.
  4. Remove yourself from your desk. I got up, walked around for just five minutes, but even that was enough to keep myself from going hysterical. Don’t judge me, it kept me from springing leaks. That could have been a lot more awkward than me walking around the office.
  5. Talking to a loved one. Thank you, technology! Being able to talk to Mark via GChat at any given time, is a life saver! If I have a concern, he’s generally hooked up to his email/gchat, and vice versa. Such a handy tool. And even if it’s a problem he can’t solve, there’s nothing keeping him from trying to lull me out of my funk with a funny, or by simply being an ear (eye?) to vent to.

[via attached website]

What are some of the ways you tend to deal with stress? Help me out, just in case one of these days, these tips don’t work for me anymore.



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