Concrete Aperture

Mr. James, himself. [Photo by Mark Busch at Social Media Day Buffalo]

I knew I was marrying an artist but I didn’t know I was marrying a writer to boot! Check out his newest blogging adventure here:


He’s got all this fancy photography equipment I’m too scared to touch (read: pay for new ones). He tries to explain all this photography equipment he wants but there’s so many numbers and letters jumbled together so it doesn’t quite make any sense to me. I’m no fool but I’m no picture-taking┬áconnoisseur like he is.

We go on photo trips where he tries to use me as a model. My pictures normally come out looking like someone just scared the shit out of me. People, I am no model.

Anyway, I’m so proud of his work because he really does take a lot of time on it. He takes time to learn about his subjects, the style of the shoot, methods, and then spends more time in post processing.

He’s my shutterbug. He also didn’t like the name of his blog as “Sam’s Shutterbug.” Man… whatever. ­čśë

Check out his work!

It turns out, he’s really funny! My favorite in the Intro is the “BPD Always Gets Their Man. Car.”┬á[Pay close attention to what’s on the “windshield”]


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