C’est La Vie

This weekend was so full of everything that reminded me of the important things in life. Sometimes, I get into this workaholic, “gotta-go-gotta-go” mindset that I never take a moment to think about “life.” My work, though it can be integrated into my life, is not my life. I think my intentions are reasonable, but I shouldn’t let it overwhelm the other stuff.

What was the best thing that reminded me about life?

My friend Nicole welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Gabrielle Rae, to the world at 12:31 Saturday morning. She was born with a full head of the softest brown hair I have ever put my hands on. I had never in my life seen a newborn who wasn’t even a whole day old. She is so precious and it makes me sad to think she won’t be that small when I inevitably visit again, that is, when Momma’s ready for it. I didn’t think it was possible to have so much fun staring at someone who was doing nothing.

What also kind of blew me away was the fact that Miss. Gabbie, at all of 8lbs, looked so tiny that I couldn’t imagine that I was a meer 5lbs at one point. Babies, man… munchkins, I tell ya. The whole thing, seeing her, talking to her Mom & Dad, was mind-blowing and terrifying, but so precious.

I got the rundown of what happens during (and after) labor, and it all sounded really painful/gross/messy, but at the end of the horrifying tales, looking at that little girl made it seem so worthwhile. And the person who actually had to endure all of it seemed to agree… it must not be all that bad.

I’ve always known that I want a family some day and now having seen Gabbie (& the way the brand new Momma looked at her), I’m excited for the day we’re ready. Knowing that I want a family is why I do work so hard. I don’t want to have to struggle like my parents did, and I’m pretty sure that’s why they raised me the way the did. So, alas, we wait. I am, after all, only 22.

Which is why Sunday also reminded me of why life is beautiful, even when it is calm. I left all work at work and spent Sunday curled up in bed until I couldn’t handle it. Then I spent a lot of time clearing out (still!) my parent’s stuff. I found 5 boxes of Encyclopedias, a queen-size air mattress, my dad’s old clothes, a shirt I hadn’t seen my sister wear since she was 13, a chess game to which we lost most of the pieces when Shelby and I were still pre-teens, a map, and other stuff. I got a little weepy for a minute, going through their stuff can really make me nostalgic, but finding boxes (large, medium, small) of encyclopedias kind of reminded me of how ridiculous that Papi of mine could be. I was sad and happy at the exact same time. As they say, I can at least cherish the memories I do have.

Sunday, I got to indulge in unlimited mimosas at Coles with my mister & best friend. Just being able to pick up and go is a beautiful freedom. One that I think I’m going to try to enjoy for a couple more years. At least while I’m still in grad school/working/taking over the world.

I blame my ovaries for being too powerful. You know, when I first started college, I thought that when I graduated I would be this ideal image of single 20-something powerhouse. Well… I’m working on the one bit, but I definitely didn’t think I’d have a boyfriend (let alone a fiance) and feel that twinge of baby fever. Further proof that life has its funny twists and turns you can’t plan for.

To sum up this weekend, I’ll use the words of my favorite song that always reminds me of my Dad.

“That’s life.”


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