“716 Day”

In honor of this Buffalo-centric “holiday,” also known as “716 Day,” I wanted to take a minute to just write about some of my favorite things in the 716.

– Food. In no particular order, this encompasses: Niagara Cafe (I’ve been seriously jonesing for tostones and arroz y gandules today), Dug’s Dive, Cole’s, Mythos, Casa Di Pizza, our food trucks, Jim’s. Why isn’t everyone in the 716, 316 pounds?!?

– Culture. The entire history and heritage of the Seneca Nation is based right here in the 716. My lineage comes from this area and it’s a major part of why I choose to not leave the area. Even if the snow sometimes makes me wonder if it’s really worth it? (it is!) And of course, this area is so diversified, that there are so many other cultures to indulge in. I’ve been to the Hellenic Festival, Grease Pole Festival, Italian Festival, and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and have authentic dinners at a Middle Eastern family’s house as well as authentic Chinese food. The Chinese family laughed hysterically when I told them that I loved Chinese food from here.

– Support. In my experience, this has most definitely been the city of good neighbors. My parents really set the stage for me to know the best possible support circle. And I may have found a few of my own along the way 🙂

– “Buffalo” is the world’s largest high school. Go anywhere in the 716 and you may find someone who knows you through some various degrees of separation. Go anywhere else in the country and they likely know someone from the 716 (thus probably knowing you through some various degrees of separation!)

Buffalo has its fair share of problems, sure, but it’s not enough to want to leave. I’m the kind of person who would rather fix what’s broken than to get a new one.

I love the 716.

I love my city. It smells like Cheerios.

My city as seen from the top floor of HSBC Center. See there, in the corner aside from the FN Center? That’s why my city smells like Cheerios. The General Mills plant!


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