Got it, Share it.

I restarted Instagram three times and my phone twice before I decided to check Twitter and realize that everyone was having issues. Then I felt better. Then I felt anxious because how else was I going to keep up with the creative (and not so creative) stylings of people I follow (and the people they follow)?

And it was that day, and other days, that lead me to realize something.

Hello, my name is Samantha, and I am a social media addict.

– I was on the e-list waiting for the announcement that Android finally carried Instagram. I promptly downloaded it as soon as I got the email.

– I check my Twitter constantly. I sometimes check the actual site even if I’m on TweetDeck (because I can’t see who RT’s my stuff on TweetDeck).

– I make sure to post enough interesting, or relatable, content on Facebook daily.

– I love, love, love Pintrest. Who doesn’t? I even got my best friend hooked, and she’s barely even a social media noob.

– Upon getting my current position, one of my first questions was “what is the social media strategy around here?”

– I was far too excited to be able to write @snephew25 on my Social Media Day Buffalo pint glass.

Though, who doesn’t think this was good idea? It was great!

So on and so forth.

My fiance doesn’t really get my obsession with it. I’m sure there are days where he wishes I could go without my head buried in my smartphone. He says I can’t Instagram everything. I tell him I will Instagram all the things and Tweet about it.

I just love sharing things from my daily life and enticing conversation from it. You learn about a lot of different perspectives and gain a lot of insight from it.

Lately, I’ve been pushing the power of social media on my fiance, because he is a freelance photographer. He is a person who could definitely benefit from a healthy dose of social media marketing. (Which, if you’re interested in seeing some photography, here is his online portfolio.

Why do you love social media? What are you favorite things to do on the web? Think you could live a day without your phone?

I can’t. I don’t think. I haven’t actually tried it. I’ve gone a day without posting anything but I haven’t gone a day without checking my phone.

Even when I was in Costa Rica/Greece, I checked my phone. Thank goodness for Wi-Fi!

Feel free to weigh in on this. Like I said, I love to share!



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