Contradictions in Terms: Three Years Strong

Three years.

That’s the anniversary we celebrated today. We wined, we dined, we asked each other questions about how we’ve felt over the last three years. We asked each other if we thought we’d be in this position, three years and one month ago.

I for one thought that I would be single through college, become president, and then marry in my 30’s. Finding “the one” at 19 years old is abstract as it gets.

Mark is just further proof that things never truly go according to plan.

Alas, we basked in each other’s quirks today. At dinner, he ordered some pink, fruity martini drink, while I ordered a glass(es) of red wine. As this dinner was clearly a celebration of sorts, the waitress handed Mark the tab, which he promptly handed to me. Toro Tapas Bar is not a cheap eat restaurant (and I am the one that recommended it.)

I am just so thankful to have found someone who can deal with my strong, independent demeanor. Someone who understands that I cringe at the idea that at any given point of time that “women are meant to be seen and not heard.” Someone who realizes that I am out for the world. Someone who realizes that I would die a sullen soul if I were a simple housewife.

Not only was I not sure I would find someone who accepts my alpha female attitude, I wasn’t sure I would find someone who has it in them to stand up to it. I told my mother that once, during the 6-7 months she was around during Mark and mine’s relationship, and she knew he was the one. That alone makes this so real to me.

Sorry for the gushiest of gushy posts. I don’t blame those that haven’t made it this far.

I just feel happy to have my little family with me right now. We’re all kinds of unconventional…

But we love it this way.


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