Whirlwind Weeks…

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Since my last post, I have white water rafted/ziplined/kayaked/hiked/swam/and lazed around Costa Rica with one of my best friends, and many newly made friends. The Costa Rican people (or Ticos, as they prefer to be called) are an incredibly nice people. I loved the food, played with monkeys, got a slight tan, ate tuna steak (I normally hate sea food), and drank rum that I can’t find in the U.S of A, which makes me sad.

Thankfully, when I returned late Monday night, I didn’t have too much time to dwell on the fact that it’s cold as ever in Buffalo (compared to the beautiful 79-90 degree weather in CR) because I was preparing to start my new job/internship.

I remember watching the Sheryl Sandberg TED talk where she mentioned that if you want a career, that you should find something (as a woman) that is so totally worth it. Because, one day, when (and if you want to) you have kids, you need a job that you really, really want to go back to. Otherwise, the lines begin to blur when you have kids and it makes it so difficult.

This job, when I turn it into something more permanent, will be just that. I know, I’m too young to really be thinking about kids, but I am engaged and I know that someday I definitely want to be a mom. So I knew moving forward that I want a career that they’ll be proud to announce at school or that they can aspire to be like. I think all the makings for that start here at Seneca Holdings.

The mission statement alone makes me bubble over with joy:

Our mandate is to diversify the Seneca Nation economy.

So there it is, something to help establish a stronger Seneca community (which I’ve already seen hints of in the two days I’ve been in the office) and it’s something I’m so incredibly passionate about. I want what Seneca Holdings wants, I want people to know the Seneca people as more than just cigarette export and gaming complexes.

I’m over the moon that I get to use my PR/Marketing background to help the Nation advance.

But to be fair, and clear, this is not (yet) a job. It is in fact, a summer internship. I left my stable job at Canisius to participate in this internship program. But I’ve got fingers and toes crossed that this comes to be something more. I just need to spend this time proving why I’d be perfect for this job.

This year is turning out to be alright if I do say so myself. Graduated, learned a little more about myself, went to Costa Rica, got into graduate school, and now, hopefully, a job pretty soon. If I get a job, we can plan a wedding date (for post-grad school) and begin our lives as (eek!) a married couple.

I’d say a perk of my job is this view. It’s gorgeous up here!


And as a side note, just wanted to say how much I love this city. I have met so many people who are so supportive of me and my career even though they really, really don’t have to. People are so supportive because they want to be and they see some potential (or something!) in me. Because I don’t have my parents with me, seeing this level of support from other certain people means the world to me. To those people, Thank you!!


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