In Which I Became a Bonnie

I’m over the moon after I got home to this little lovely thing pictured above. Starting this August, I will embark on the journey toward getting my MA in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) at St. Bonaventure University (Hamburg).

Over the ensuing 16 months, I’ll get the opportunity to do something that makes me think of my mom and dad so much. My father wanted so badly to get his master’s degree and was even accepted to Medaille’s MS Psych program, but due to financial hardship and such, he had to decline it. When I saw that leftover paperwork when we were cleaning out his office after he died, it broke my heart to his letter of regret to Medaille.

My Mom, a high school graduate, only wanted to see me graduate college. My father, though never mentioning it, probably would be as over the moon as I am to see me getting my MA. Both are extremely proud, I can guarantee that.

Getting this letter, and the notification that I also received a scholarship that is 20% of the entire tuition, was just a series of thing that has given me so much confidence today.

It started this morning when an old high school/middle school friend told me that I had inspired them to go back to school. I was told that it means so much to her that I was proud of her. Say what?!

I don’t do what I do for recognition or the like, but being an inspiration makes me feel so, so good.

And on top of that, I had an interview today on the 38th floor of HSBC Center. I felt like I was literally on top of the world. (Or at least WNY)

It’s such a good day. Yesterday, I was sad about Mother’s Day weekend, not having my parents, not being able to get married yet, or do anything like that.

Guess it’s because I’m not done setting up my academic future which I highly regard. I kinda knew that, but now that I’m officially a Bonnie and officially start school in August, I’m excited again.


Side note: It’s weird to say something like “I’m a Bonnie” rather than I attend “St. Bonaventure.” That’s just not how you talked about being at Buff State or Canisius. This will definitely be a new experience for me.


3 thoughts on “In Which I Became a Bonnie

  1. Hi, Samantha.

    You probably don’t know me, but this blog post showed up on my Google Alerts for St. Bonaventure. And as a fellow Bonaventure IMC student, I’d like to say congrats on getting accepted into this great program! (…And I hope you don’t find this creep >_<) Our cohort really loved year one, and we can't wait to get started with our creatives now for the second half!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say welcome to Bona's 🙂 And once again, congrats on becoming a Bonnie!

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