10. Photo a Day Explained: For Papi


When I was 19, my father passed away. It was one of the most devastating things that has ever happened in my life.

But because he was such an amazing person, he taught me a lot about life. He always taught us how precious it was, and how it never lasts. Now, where that didn’t prepare us for his untimely death (what could?) it resonated with me in a way that allowed me to move forward in stride.

Two months later, I got this dedication tattoo in his honor. My father was really good about living in the moment and knowing when to just be Dad. We learned to be silly and how to be vivacious from him. We also learned how to hold steadfastly to our passions and learned how to be passionate. He was passionate about education and knowledge, about people, and most of all, about his family.

My father taught me the value of being passionate about your life.

So for him, I got this tattoo. And because it was something he taught me, I decided to get this tattoo in his handwriting. I had the tattoo artist put together letters from a post card my father had sent me while he was travelling for work.

The tattooist did a phenomenal job. My mom stared at it for 10 minutes after I got it done just taken aback by how it looked like my Dad had actually written it.

Dad would probably roll his eyes at me and tell me it was a silly thing to do. But he also said the same thing about my nose piercing. That man thought I was perfect and that these kinds of things would ruin it.

Aww Papi, how I miss him.

But that’s it. That’s my favorite word. And for many good reasons.

-For Papi ❤


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