Watching movies, Then and Now.

I needed a blog that wasn’t so serious. So I started digging around for fun blogs and then I came across a new follower’s post about movies that were inspiring (or not so inspiring) and it just brought me back to earlier yesterday when I was watching “Cruel Intentions” and noticed the year that it was made.

What?! Cruel Intentions was made in 1999? That was 13 years ago. I was 10!

So, for my fun and fluffy post, I wanted to go back and see what movies from my childhood/early teens shock the hell out of me circa 2012 for being made so long ago.

1. Cruel Intentions. Why did my parents let me watch this absurd, kind of incestuous, pseudo-pornographic movie? Granted it’s so over-the-top that it’s ridiculous enough not to believe, but I was 10. Come on, Mom! Oh well, I turned out alright. But really? Reese and Ryan before the adorable babies they made! Selma Blair pre-Legally Blonde. Reese Witherspoon pre-Legally Blonde! Sarah Michelle Gellar as not-Buffy. Back when Tara Reid was still allowed to be in movies. Damn, I really thought about this while I was watching it.

2. Never Been Kissed. This movie made me do that squinty thing you do at a screen when you’re kind of confused/in disbelief. “Wait, really? Is that [Insert now famous actors name].” Jessica Alba was in that movie, and donned very unfortunately characteristic 90’s fashion. James Franco shouting with his posse the Word of the Day “Roofus.” Leelee Sobieski as a teenager! Why did David Arquette always look dirty in his 90’s appearances? Michael Vartan in his only performance I found him really attractive. And of course, our shining star, Ms. Barrymore. ❤ Love her in pretty much every movie she’s ever done. This is no exception.

3. Riding in Cars with Boys. Told you I adore Drew Barrymore. Latest revelation when I saw this last? The vampire Dad from that Twilight series is pimple-faced Tommy, an admirer of Beverly. Also, Brittany Murphy… RIP. I also came to realize how good Steve Zahn is at playing a heroine-addicted dirtbag. Also, that guy that ends up being the Aussie cutie in “Coyote Ugly” doesn’t do a good job at hiding his Australian accent… Just an observation.

4. ID4: Independence Day. This one always gets me because it takes me back to when I first watched it when I was 9 and after a certain scene, asking my Mom what “sexuality” meant. Oh, the look on her face was fabulously memorable. She told me she would tell me when I was 13. Once I hit 13, I knew what it was. I swear, my Mother was no prude, but this made her face cherry red and unable to tell 9-year old Sam exactly what sexuality meant. Also, Will Smith? Swoon. Even to this day.

5. Forrest Gump. Ever watch a movie and just laugh because everyone else was? Yeah, that was me in my pre-double digit age range. And something we always laughed to was Forest Gump. “Momma said life is like a box of choc-o-lates, you neva know what you gonna get.” Iconic moments. However, it wasn’t until I hit 17/18 that I realized where a lot of the historically centered humor came from. And I laughed. No, I roared. Partly because of the realization and actual understanding, but because I can’t believe I once laughed about the jokes, not knowing what they really meant. I was that kid.

That was my fluffy, pointless blog. It was fun though. I think I’m going to watch Forest Gump at some point this week. It’s worth the laugh. “You’re mom sure does care about your schoolin'” Yeah… I definitely didn’t get that scene until later on.



3 thoughts on “Watching movies, Then and Now.

  1. I would cringe if I had a 10 year old who watched Cruel Intentions. Nice post. I like Drew a lot but did not like that movie with her. I think Ever After would be my favorite Barrymore movie.

  2. Forrest Gump was silly but dramatic film. I just can’t think of an idea of running the whole wide world just for the heck of it.

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