When Cancer happens…

My heart goes out to people who have been put in rather precarious situations involuntarily.

Ever been in a situation where it felt like you had the world and had it all ripped out from under you? It’s not pretty, it’s not ideal, and it’s one of the hardest things to rise up against.

So this blog is dedicated to a good friend of one of my closest friends. Rather, this is my friend Mark’s brother, because the way he talks about Andrew Thomas, you’d never know differently.

Drew was recently diagnosed with germ cell cancer and it has hit his family hard. Mark and my best friend, his girlfriend, Jennifer, have been collecting cans/bottles/anything with a NYS $.5 stamp on it to raise money to help out the Thomas family. If you have any cans that need collecting and want to help, or even if you just don’t feel like taking them back to the store yourself, you can always let me or my friends know and we’ll take care of it.

They also have a benefit coming up. When I get more details, I’ll let people know. Anything would mean a lot to this family.

I don’t know Drew, I may have met him only once or twice, but I know Mark and what this means to him. I know how hard it can be to see a friend go through hard times. He’s doing a lot to help out his brother. And I respect this and his efforts.

I am not directly involved in this but I feel like this is the least I can do for someone I consider a great friend. I hope this helps, Mark!

Drew (left) and Mark (right) “Bald for Cancer”


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